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Entry 37 ~ June 3, 2012
~ Getting Over It!

Hi Everyone,

BradynA couple of days after I sent in my last entry I found my aunt in her apartment and she had passed away; I have never been more distraught in my life. I was not expecting to find her like that at all. For a while I was not sleeping and just overall not in a good way. I pushed through and made it. I also did a lot of thinking and I came to the conclusion that I just needed to let all my anger go. I was still angry about having an emergency c-section and I could not figure out why. I finally came to terms with the fact that I can not have everything go the way it is supposed to.

Puppies and ReygenAfter my epiphany I am much better. This past month has been hard and I know that everything is not in my control. There are some things I can change and we work on that. Bradyn is now walking all over and talking some; she is such a happy baby. She has three teeth and weighs 23 pounds. She came down with a virus on Mother's Day so we spent that day in the pediatrician's office. Baby B also sleeps 12 hours all night and takes a 3 hour nap during the day. I have her where she lays down in her crib and puts herself to sleep.

Albrey is such a drama queen and such an attitude she keeps. I am working on that with her these days. We spent our last Saturday night with her in the Emergency room with tonsillitis. She is feeling much better these days.

Albrey and puppiesThat brings us to Reygen . . . she decided to get with the wrong crowd at school, her grades have slipped way down and she even got called to the dean's office . . . as a momma I was HOT!!! When she came home that day I came down on her hard!! She has no computer, no phone, and she goes everywhere with us. She is not allowed to have any friends over either. So far this is seeming to work and I check her grades once a week. If she can not get things right by the end of the school year which is the end of this week, she will be grounded all summer.

Mother's Day TattooOn another note, Chris got us another yorkie; this time a male. So whenever the occasion occurs, we can have puppies. For my Mother's Day present I got a tattoo of the two babies' names on my foot; I already have Reygen's on my back so it was time to update. Also I have upgraded into the world of smartphones and I have an apple iphone which I am learning to use it. Chris is now off for a couple of months and in the three days he has been off, we painted the trim on our house and the decorative brick look on the outside as well. Things are going pretty smooth for now, but then again I take one day at a time. I hope all of you are enjoying the start of summer.

~ Kari

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