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Entry 38 ~ November 26, 2012
~ Changes!

Hi Everyone,

I must first off say that I have missed you guys, but I am so glad that Maribeth is doing much better. These past few months have been interesting and have tested me as a parent! School ended for Reygen and the summer was a long one. She managed to pull up her grades before the end of school so she was not grounded.

We also celebrated Baby B's first birthday and I almost cried! I cannot believe that as I write this she is 17 months old. My baby days are over! We also had to move her to a big girl bed because she climbed out of her crib. She runs now and talks some. Her eating habits are great and she is still a great sleeper. She loves to cuddle and rock! Overall she is a great toddler and does not meet a stranger.

Albrey is a character and does not mind telling you exactly how she feels. She has had a bit of a struggle here lately. I put my foot down and she has been moved to her own bed in her own room. She really was not happy but then again she does not make the rules around here. We also celebrated her fourth birthday and it seems that she hit the terrible two's late. She attends story hour at our local library once a week and we are making some progress with social skills.

Reygen is a whole diffrent child since she had her thirteenth birthday! She started school again and on her second interim she made bad grades and started back with the bad crowd again. She started dating a 16 year old which quickly got stopped before it really started! She got her phone taken away and then proceeded to take it while we were not looking and call this boy. She got busted in action and momma got on the phone, needless to say he has not looked her way since. This promoted us to take her door off her hinges and put a baby gate up in it's place! She is only allowed to go to cheerleading practice or where we go.

Over the summer we took the kids to aquatica in Orlando, Fl and I cannot say we had a great time! Our laptop also completely went out, so I had to buy a not so great one because unemployment will not let you claim off of an iPad or iPhone. We also decided to get a big outside dog so he can guard us. We got a blue tick hound and he is currently 9 weeks old and weighs 18 pounds! This dog will be huge and I hope he deters anyone who thinks about breaking in our house.

On a side note I have came to the conclusion that I really need to lose some weight and get back in shape so I ordered the insanity challenge videos. I really think I have gone mad but I am ready to get my old body back and fit into my size 5's again! Please pray for me as I will be starting it at the end of the week when it arrives!

The holidays are coming a flying by quicker than they have came! I hope everyone has a safe holiday season! I am sure we will but then again it means Chris has to go back to work and he only has two weeks left until season starts. We are spending as much time as we can together now.

Until next month take care!!!
~ Kari

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