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Entry 39 ~ August 24, 2013
~ Playing Catch Up

Hey guys!

It has been a long time. I hope everyone has been doing great; I figured I would play a little catch up this time.

In the past year the girls have been growing and learning things. Albrey started Pre-K and actually loves it. She gets up and dresses herself. She decided that she wanted her hair cut so we cut her hair. I was surprised that it made her look older but is so cute on her. This was the first week and unfortunately she had to miss two days because of a nasty stomach bug that landed her in the emergency room. She was so upset that she had to miss those days. Her personality is such a strong one and she is so sassy!

Reygen started ninth grade this year and I caught myself asking where the time has gone. We just celebrated her fourteenth birthday. She has spent most of this past summer at her bio dad's and I was very upset that she chose to do that. On the other hand I understand that she needed to spend that time with him. She hates school and it is a fight to get her to go everyday and the night Albrey went to the Emergency room she stayed with my parents and did not get up for school. When my dad came home that morning he quickly made her go! I hope in time that it gets better. She has to take an intensive reading class this year and I can already tell it will be horrible!

That take us to baby B . . . she is such a happy bright child. She just turned two last month and I just can not get enough of her chubby little face! She is overcoming so many growth obstacles! She can do just about everything Albrey does and if she can't she will keep trying until she gets it. She loves to eat and eats everything that is given to her. She currently weighs 29 pounds and almost has caught up to Albrey.

Chris has found a forty hour a week job and I am so happy! No more late nights and no more single parenting for half the year for me. I have gone back to school for cosmetology and I have two more months left!!! GO ME!!! I have actually found something I love and that I am good at. Why not when I have three girls that I got trained on. I forgot what it was like to go back to school but I am getting through it. My GPA average is a 92% and my attendance is an 89%; not perfect but when you have kids can it be perfect? I have an hour and a half drive every morning and every afternoon.

This summer we went to the beach with my parents for four days and it was beautiful. The picture I attached is of baby B and my dad. Those two are trouble together. My mom and dad keep the girls when I am in school so I am very lucky on that one. Since Albs started Pre-K my mom decided to go back to work part time so my dad will continue to keep B. I wonder how that will go? Probably not bad but she will become more spoiled than what she is. I am so lucky that I have great parents and would not trade them for the world. They have helped Chris and I so much. Come to think of it I have a great support system! My sister and her husband also helps with the girls when my mom needs a break!

Well I guess I have caught everyone up for now and I hope all is well for everyone. Until next month cherish your babies!!!!

~ Kari

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