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Entry 4 ~ July 7, 2009
Vacation and a Trip to the ER

Hello everyone!

We decided to drive Reygen up to Tennessee instead of fly her (our mini vacation). The kids did great on the drive considering it was 12 hours. We went to the Smoky Mountains, swam in a very cold creek, and had a great time catching up with my cousin and his family. Reygen is still there and having a blast; I am flying Friday to go pick her up. We hated to leave it because it's so peaceful there. The weather was great and the kids really enjoyed themselves. The best part was there were no mosquiotes. I really hate Florida for that reason and the heat.

We got home on Sunday and Monday morning Albrey started running a low grade fever. No big deal--she is teething, or at least that is what the pediatrician's office stated. She was still active and eating, but Tuesday night she started throwing up and running a 103.6 fever. No matter what we did it would not break, so we ended up in the ER. The hospital that we went to did not specialize in kids so they had no clue. They told us to go home and if she continued to go to the pediatrician's office. We ended up going to see our doctor and it turns out she had Roseolla; we are all cured now.

On a lighter note we are still trying to get my grandmother's house ready for our arrival on August 1st, and I tell you it has been hot and miserable; we have no air for the moment. We tore down paneling and painted this past weekend, and I HATE painting. The colors I picked out were great except in the kitchen; it is Barney purple, so another color I will pick. My windows will be put in on Thursday and I am so excited. I know I can't do everything I want to at this moment but little by little we can get it done. A project that will take years.

Summer so far has been a little lazy; Sarah met a guy and that has been an experience. Things are getting better on that front. They can't learn from our mistakes; they have to make their own. I hope everyone is having a safe summer and enjoying our bundles of energy.

Until next time, take care.
~ Kari

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