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Entry 40 ~ January 29, 2014
~ Longtime

Oh my where do I begin? It has been an extremely long time and so much has happened.

First and foremost this momma graduated beauty school and landed a job three blocks from home. Business has been good and bad but still holding faith that it will work out.

Chris went back to the county and now works a forty hour a week job plus benefits which is a major plus here!!

Reygen is now in ninth grade and seems to be doing well with high school. What can I say? This child is laid back and maintaining decent grades. She sees her bio dad a little more these days.

Albrey started pre k and loves it. She is very social and thrives very well. She is still little and only weighs 35 pounds. Her asthma still gives her a fit but we do the best we can do. Apparently the asthma inhalers are bad for teeth and Albrey has to have some dental work done which is quite extensive. So in February she will be put to sleep to have everything done at one time.

Baby B has grown so much that it is not even funny. I wonder where my baby went too. She also weighs 35 pounds but is solid!! The pediatrician said that we need to watch her. She loves veggies and hates sweets. We were also told that at the moment her top jaw is not growing as fast as her bottom so we just have to watch it. She still has a sippy cup and wants nothing to do with potty training. My dad keeps her during the day while we work and it is such a blessing to know she is well taken care of. On a side note she has learned some colorful language we are trying to correct.

I sometimes long for a weekend getaway with Chris and we talk about it but never seems to happen. We are also throwing around the idea of possibly selling our house soon and moving to a place that has some acreage. I can honestly say that it has been rough at times but we always make it through.

This coming weekend Chris and I are going to take our concealed weapons permit class and I am looking forward to some one on one time with my hubby, even if it is for a class.

~ Kari

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