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Entry 6 ~ September 18, 2009
Good News

Hello everyone,

This last month was a little better and I did get some great news. First off Reygen's birthday went very well and now we have Albrey's birthday coming up in 12 more days. Second, court went great; of course the judge did not suspend child support payments and he has until October to make payments and start paying the back pay. I still am not holding my breath. I will believe it when I see it.

The best part of my news is that I passed my state CNA test and now I am state licensed. I about fell over when I got my results. I was sure I had flunked the clinical part of the exam, but to my suprise I got a PASS. I have applied for another job making more money and their health insurance is $300 less a month than what I pay for now.

Reygen is back in school and this year is proven to be much harder than last year so we had to pick her tutor up again. I am hoping I don't have to put her back on her ADHD medicine; she is having such a hard time focusing. She is getting to be such a tween; she has to make sure her appearance is perfect and she has started wearing my clogs and high heels around the house. Also puberty is starting and she has been breaking out on her face. I had to get her pro-active.

Albrey is such my easy child. I can put her in her walker with some puffs on her tray and she cruises around the house and eats. We have not found one thing she does not like to eat yet. I can not believe that in 12 more days she will be 1; where did this year go? I want to keep her a baby. She is doing so much these days and she climbs out of her play pen and high chair. I think in another year we will try for another baby.

Until next month . . . take care,
~ Kari

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