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Entry 7 ~ October 20, 2009
A Little Bit of Everything

Reygen & AlbreyGreetings!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, I know we sure are here in Florida. The cooler air is such a blessing. Now that I have established that, let's talk kids.

As you all can see we celebrated Albrey's first birthday and it went okay. I say that it went okay because Publix lost our cake order and we had to wait an hour for them to make her cakes. I special ordered her a dog cake becuase she loves dogs and the head fell off before we could get home. They spelled her name wrong on the sheet cake we ordered for everyone else. Needless to say I was very upset but we got through the process and now I have an almost 13 month old. She now has 2 teeth and trying for a third.

AlbreyThe pictures you see are of her at her birthday party. The one of her and Reygen, Reygen was trying to get her to go face first in her cake. As you can see she did a pretty good job herself. Albrey is into everything these days. She is very independent and this morning she walked up to the babysitter's by herself with no help, of course I was behind her.

Reygen is doing better these days. We had to put her on her ADHD meds again. Her interim report card was not very good, and she is normally a straight A student. She and her teachers told us she was having such a hard time focusing. Since we have put her on the meds, things have gotten better on the school front. We took her shopping last weekend for her Halloween costume and she is going to be Wilma Flintstone, wig included.

Sarah moved out and things are back to normal. There was a lot of conflict with her and Reygen. Now everything is pretty good.

AlbreyAs far as the house is going we are taking one day at a time and doing what we can to fix things. The job that I applied for has not come through because of a hiring freeze. I have two other applications out and I am hoping to hear something on them. Albrey is starting to sleep in her own crib (I know I did a bad thing letting her sleep with us). Both my kids are so funny in their own way. Reygen is such a clown and makes me laugh. Albrey is so serious and makes the funniest faces as you can see in the picture.

We did take Albrey for her one year appointment and she weighed a whopping 17 pounds 14 ounces. She is 29.5 inches long. She is still so tiny. The doctor told us that she is just going to be on the small side. As for Chris and I, we decided that, on Friday nights we take the kids to his brother's for a couple of hours so we can have sometime for ourselves. It seems that with two kids you just don't get that much time together.

Things are gearing up for the Holidays and I am so excited! Halloween is my favorite holiday and then the great food is right around the corner. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and ready for a big holiday season.

Talk to ya soon,
~ Kari

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