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Entry 8 ~ November 30, 2009
Happy Post Turkey-Day

Sorry I am so late in writing this month, things have just been kinda crazy. I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving. This holiday really had me thinking a lot . . .

First off I am very thankful for my husband, children, home, and job. I have been looking for a new job but at least I still have one to go to every day until I find a new one. I learned one thing this past week, and it is that I am very THANKFUL for my job. Chris and I took a week vacation to stay home with the kids. Well I will tell you I was ready to come back to work today. I am blessed that I have a great babysitter! Those moms that stay at home really need a bunch of credit sent your way because I don't think I could do it everyday. I forgot what it was like to stay home with a 10 year old and 14 month old. Albrey was into everything and wanted me to hold her; I could not even pee by myself. At least at work I get some quiet time.

Onto the happenings of this past month. We picked up Reygen's 4-H hog the beginning of November and he weighed 45 pounds. We have to make it to 225 lbs by March 1st. We also had our first weigh in and he gained 17 lbs in 2 weeks, which is great if he stays on the track he is on. He eats about 5 pounds of feed a day. He is a very spunky little critter. Reygen seems to get along better with him than last year's hog.

Speaking of Reygen we had a follow up on her ADHD and allergies this month. Her ADHD check up went well; we had to adjust her meds a little and now she seems to be totally back on track. Her allergy appointment did not go so well; she is allergic to almost everything outside. There is so much I am going to have to do on a daily basis. We are talking sweeping and mopping every other day as well as dusting, mattress covers, air purifiers for the whole house, allergen reducing air filters, spraying the couches with special stuff to keep dust mites down, and the list is long. We had to give away our pets because she was so allergic plus four more meds added to her daily. At least she is healthy and happy.

Albrey has been my little stinker; she has not been sleeping and she is moody all the time. I am hoping that this is just a phase she is going through. She is so active and into everything. Her new thing now is she tells you yes or no by shaking her head. She still makes no sense when she is talking and I hope her language and speech gets better. She is so hard headed and nothing phases her. I am amazed at how fast she picks up on things. She is growing too fast.

We went to see my grandma at the nursing home on Thanksgiving and she seemed to be doing OK. Chris and Reygen could not wait to put the Christmas decorations out. My grandma had a bunch and it took them three days to put everything up. It was very emotional for me because I can remember putting them out with her when I was young. So as you can tell by the title of this entry . . . "what could of been"? Not staying at home for me is the best option and my grandmother staying in the nursing home is the best option for her.

Until next month . . .
~ Kari

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