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Entry 9 ~ January 15, 2010
Happy New Year!

Reygen and her hogI want to apologize for being late with this entry; time has seemed to really fly by. I hope that everyone had a great holiday season. I started my holidays with being off for 16 1/2 days, the kids and I became real bums while being at home. There were some days when we did not get out of our PJ's and I have to say that felt great. Now with the holidays over, this time of the year is the busiest for us. We have shows, pageants, and FCATS coming up.

Let's talk about Reygen. She is still on adderall and seems to be doing very well. She brought all of her grades up to all A's and 1 B. This was a major thing for her as her previous reports were not good. She has seemed to settle into fifth grade quite well. She has her 4-H show coming up and her pageant. The picture you see is of her and her hog "Tebow." I can say that this year she lucked out and got a very personable hog. When she picked him he weighed 35 pounds and I was so worried that he would not make weigh in. I was completely wrong; he now weighs 160 pounds and we still have 42 more days before final weigh in. She should meet her required weight with no problems. He has been eating 8 pounds of feed a day, that we can say is a "pig." We still have to go shopping for her pageant dress and I think we will take her to Orlando. If she wins, it will be her fourth crown. We are very excited!!!

AlbreyOnto Albrey, this child is a mess! The picture you see of her is with her rocking horse she got for Christmas. She will not let anyone touch her horse. She just rocks away and heaven forbid if you mess with it. She is now more into her biting phase than ever and I don't know how to break her. I've popped her and gotten onto her time after time again and she will not stop. She has gotten sick and we had to take her to the doctor; she had parainfluenza which is a virus that caused her to get the croup and lose her voice. My only concern with her is that she should be saying more words than she is and she only weighs 19 pounds. She is just so tiny. Her appetite has not slowed down and she eats everything she can. She is still breastfeeding and we are slowly trying to wean her but her doctor says that as long as she wants to, to let her nurse. In my mind I keep telling myself that she needs to be broke because what happens when she is in kindergarten? Her doctor assured me that she will break herself but I don't know if we are sharing the same light at the end of this tunnel.

Chris and I have started remodeling our house and we are almost done with the bathroom. I will be so happy when we get all of our floors redone and the bathroom complete. The other day we sent the kids to my mom's house for the day and we watched movies all day. This was a perfect day for me! I love the weather that we have been having down here. I hope it continues.

I hope everyone finds the new year with lots of health, happiness, and well being. Until next time take care and remember to enjoy the small things in life.

~ Kari

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