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Kari's familyHello everyone it's nice to be here. I've been reading StorkNet journals for 14 months, and I am glad to be accepted into this family. Now for the fun . . .

My name is Kari West, 28 years old and I have been married to my wonderful husband, Chris, 35 years old, for two years. We have two gorgeous girls, a 9 year old named Reygen and a 5.5 month old named Albrey. Reygen is not Chris' biological daughter; I was married to her father for a year and it did not work. Therefore I was a single mom for almost 8 years before my shining knight came along and stole my heart and Reygen's. The only battle I have now is fighting child support to get them to make her father pay. WE have been going at this since November and they tell me it could take up to a year. I call them every week, so they don't forget me.

I love to read and ride horses, but with two girls that is almost impossible to do. I work for the school district in financing where I live which is a very small town in Florida. Also, on weekends we help my brother work cows. Now, this is a riot; I'll take pictures next time we go and let you guys see. As you can tell, I waited quite a while to have another baby. Wwe also have an 18 year old; she is not our biological daughter. She is my niece and her mother needed to care of some things, so we took her in. We also have a blue leopard puppy and she is so full of energy. We also bottle fed her, and she is currently 9 weeks old.

Currently we are helping my mother take care of her mom; she has cancer and hospice has stepped in. Last week they gave her a couple of days to live as of today she is still barely hanging on. My nine year old has been diagnosed with ADHD and we do not medicate her, therefore she is all over the place and the class clown. Albrey is so serious that we never hear a peep unless she is hungry or tired. I still breastfeed her so everyday at lunch I have a pre-existing date (haha). I never thought I would have 2 children . . . technically 3. My husband and I have a motto--Stick together at all times, we help each other no matter what. If I cook he does the dishes. I am of course the mean parent and when I have to tell the kids no, he consoles them. I truly am blessed to have such a great family.

I live in the country and we live in a town that has one red light. Not to mention, Reygen got into something and has been to the emergency room on Sunday for hives and swelling. We are going to go April 3 for allergy testing. Albrey also goes the same day for her 6 month shots. Boy what a fun day we will have!! I think that is all I can think of at this point, please forgive me I am running on about 14 hours of sleep in 3 days. I'll will write again very soon to let you guys know how everything is going. Please keep us in your prayers.

~ Kari

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