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Karin's Trying to Conceive Journal

~ Meet Karin

Karin JohnsonHi all! My name is Karin; I'm 31 years old and I live near Seattle, WA with my wonderful husband, TJ, who is 33. I am a transplant to the West Coast; I grew up in NY and went to school in Boston, MA. TJ is a lifer-he was born and raised in Southwest WA. We have been married since July 1999 and married six months to the date of our first meeting. It was love at first sight. Quite a cute story if I may share . . .

It was damp and rainy as is usual for January in Seattle. I had to get out of my apartment; I felt like the walls were closing in on me. My friends were nowhere to be found. I was watching a hockey game and wanted to see the outcome, so I went out to a restaurant and figured at least I could watch the game and not have to do the dinner dishes! I was watching and got a little carried away cheering (funny, I can't remember who was playing now) which piqued TJ's interest. He came over to talk to me and insisted that girls really don't like hockey. I set him straight on that, having been a hockey fan since age 5! (I think he just needed a better line than "Come here often?" LOL) We sat and talked for quite a long time and discovered we have many things in common. The next evening I cooked him dinner, and we have been inseparable ever since. It turned out that at the time we met, we worked less than a block apart and lived literally down the street and around the corner! He claims to have seen me in the neighborhood driving around and wanted to know "who was that cute girl in the Neon," as he says. He proposed six weeks later, flew my mom in from NY to meet him, and we eloped that summer.

I couldn't ask for a more wonderful soul mate. We have so much fun together. I am truly grateful to have TJ as my partner through the journey of life. He is the most caring, sensitive, supportive man I have ever met. He is going to be a great father; furthermore, he is looking forward to having a family as much as I am.

I am currently a stay at home wife. I am also a Doula, which is a woman who does professional support for women in childbirth. My doula business is on hold now for a couple reasons. I am having a rough time after my miscarriage. I just don't know how supportive I can be right now, so I felt the need to step back. There is also a possibility that TJ's job will be moving us to Northern California. I would hate to interrupt my relationships with my clients and have to find them all new doulas. One day when my children are in school, I plan to go to Midwifery school and possibly become a Lactation Consultant. I am absolutely fascinated by the female body's ability to grow, birth and nourish her babies. I am also very interested in natural (as in meds free) birth in an out of hospital setting. *sigh* Now if I could just figure out how to come up with the tuition money and take the few prerequisite courses, I will be on my way!

I have had lots of different jobs . . . I started out as a French teacher, then a travel agent and agency manager, tried customer service for awhile, taught some more (travel this time) and now I am focused on the best job ever: being a mom. Thank you for joining me on my TTC journey. I look forward to sharing and hopefully, this will turn into a pregnancy journal very soon!

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