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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11
~ Telling the Family

I am writing this entry from our new apartment. The move went very smoothly. I didn't have to do much of anything except for clean the old place after everything was out. We were only there for seven weeks, so it was a very light and easy cleaning job. TJ and two of his friends did everything else. Thank goodness for big strong boys! I do, however, owe his friends two boxes of homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. According to them, I make the world's best cookies, and thoughts of cookies is what kept them going while they were climbing stairs to the third floor carrying lots of heavy stuff. Ok, my cookies are great if I do say so myself, but world's best? I don't know if I deserve that honor!

I love the new place! It is so quiet and peaceful. There is no one running and crashing above my head. We have a gorgeous view; I could sit on the balcony all day and watch the mountains. The mountains in Washington are amazing. I had never seen anything so majestic before I moved here.

I'm still feeling icky, and I was especially green on moving day. Heather told me not to worry, that I would start feeling better in the next couple of weeks. I am ready! I know all the sickness will be worth it in the end, but really, I am ready for it to be all done. I am not used to being so tired with no energy.

Well, the cat is out of the bag! We have finally told my side of the family by sending out announcements that double as magnets. My mom and brother are very excited. My sister is acting a little weird . . . she keeps saying that she is too young to be an aunt. She is almost 26. I don't understand. My mom says it must have something to do with realizing that she is no longer the baby of the family, but she is a grownup now. There is quite a funny story to tell about how the news came into the open.

We wanted to tell my mom and grandmother as a birthday surprise. Their birthdays are two days apart, with my grandmother's coming first. Now, it is very important that my grandmother's not be late, or she could make your life miserable. I didn't want my grandmother to receive her's first because she would call my mom and spill the beans. It would be ok for my mom's to be a little early. TJ went to the post office and mailed them all on the same day, but he sent my mom's priority mail after double-checking that it would arrive first. At least it should arrive first . . .

Starting the day it should have arrived, I called my mom each day to find out if her mail had arrived. No mail from Karin and TJ. In the meanwhile, my brother, sister, and grandmother received theirs! They each called my mom and asked if I was pregnant. My poor mom was so confused! She said that she was not aware that I was pregnant, and she got more and more puzzled as each person called her. One evening, she called me and chatted about everything under the sun. Each time the topic came to an end, she would pause as if to say, "do you have anything you want to tell me?" She didn't know that we knew my brother and sister accidentally gave out the information. I hung up the phone that evening and just about burst from holding in the giggles. I felt so bad not telling her, but I wanted to wait until she opened her package. We sent her a card that had many variations of Grandma on the front, a Mary Englebreit book called When A Child is Born, so is A Grandmother (she loves Mary Englebreit), and the announcement.

Finally the next day, I got the call that the package arrived! But my mom was so excited that she forgot our phone number. She looked through her caller ID and punched in the first Washington phone number that she saw. She didn't realize that it was TJ's cell phone. She talked to TJ for a while, and then she asked if I was there. TJ replied that I was at home; mom had called his cell. Once I talked to her, I felt so relieved that she knows. I hated keeping it from her. Wow, was she surprised! She must have had an idea that something was up because two weeks before, she bought us a baby names book, but she didn't want to send it and make us feel bad that we weren't pregnant yet. But we are!

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