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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 13
~ Jinxing?

This has been a fairly uneventful week with no changes, except maybe a few new breakouts. I'm still pretty nauseous and very fatigued. I'm having a lot of trouble sitting at the computer for very long. It makes me even queasier. If sleeping were an Olympic event, I would definitely win the gold medal . . . as long as potty breaks were allowed! Over the weekend, and I really shouldn't say this because I am sure I will jinx myself, I did feel pretty good until Sunday night. Maybe approaching the second trimester really will cause the nausea to fade? *knock wood*

We haven't purchased anything for Bean yet. I'm very suspicious of jinxing things. I did allow myself to look at baby clothes once while TJ was returning a toaster that broke after only a week of use. I just love little tiny baby socks! In general, I do not care for feet, but I adore little baby toes and feet! I sure hope Bean likes to play "This Little Piggy Goes to Market" because I can't wait! I keep saying that I want to check out garage sales and consignment shops, but I can't bring myself to do it. Maybe after we hear the heartbeat. Soon garage sales will be no more when the fall rains come.

Speaking of the heartbeat, I have a midwife appointment next week. I'll be fourteen weeks and one day, and I figure that we should be able to hear it by then. However, I have decided to ask her if she thinks that there might be a possibility (no matter how small) that we won't hear it. If she says yes, I am going to wait for the next appointment. I have been so nervous since we couldn't hear it last time, even though I knew it would be too early. My scary ultrasound dream keeps coming back into my mind when I think about possibly trying and not hearing it. I would rather be blissfully ignorant.

After much reading and discussion, TJ and I have decided that our parenting style/objectives are decidedly Attachment Parenting. We have started our venture into the family bed! Our bed is about eight years old and not very comfortable anymore, so timing for a new one is perfect. We have a queen sized now, and debated whether to buy a king sized or another queen and push a twin next to it. We decided on the king because TJ felt that he would probably end up squashed on the twin, which did not thrill him one bit. We have been mattress shopping a few times and trying to decide which model to buy; we have narrowed it down to three. This past week, we purchased our sheets, blankets and comforter. The pattern is so pretty-light blue and white floral (but not a girly floral, more of a breezy, Caribbean feel) much nicer than the brown/beige/gold theme we have now. (Actually, it was TJ's before we met, and my bedding was ruined shortly before we got married when my apartment flooded.) I found a great white sale online, and then I found a coupon code for an additional 20% off! I can't wait until it gets here; every day I check the tracking information. Oh, the little things that thrill me. Now my next project will be deciding what kind of cloth diapers to buy. Have you ever taken a look at all the options? Oh my goodness, they are endless! It is a good thing I am not going to buy them anytime soon.

TJ did not get any job offers yet. I am confident that something will happen soon. He is at an interview right now. We are also waiting to hear on the interview he had last week; that interview went very well and lasted two and one half hours. This morning he was supposed to have a phone interview for a really interesting position, but the recruiter was not able to set up the time with her client as he was out of town last week. Hopefully it will happen soon. This position would be a permanent position based in New York City, and we would spend six months in Germany after one month of training in NYC. TJ's dream is to live in Europe, but it can be very tricky with work permits. This would be a great solution. I have terrible wanderlust, so it wouldn't take much persuasion to get me there! The only thing that worries me is that Bean would be born while we were living in Germany. I can't find any information on out of hospital births there, so I'm a little apprehensive. Well, I am not going to put the cart before the horse and get all stressed out. We will just have to see what happens.

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