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Week 16
~ Feeling Human

I think I am starting to feel a bit more human this week. Feeling awful and so tired is getting really old! I have some days where I have so much energy and others where I'm thinking about hibernating! Today, I think I am going to retire to my cave (our new bed) for a long nap. For a healthy Bean, all my grumbling is worth it. I'm counting down the number of days until I can hear his little heart beating away; I can't wait! I'm beginning to develop quite a feeling of confidence regarding this pregnancy. I pray every day that I am right to feel this way.

My intuition right from the start has been that Bean is a boy. Lately, I am beginning to doubt myself. I don't know why. Most likely it is all the old wives tales like you have much more morning sickness with a girl, and a girl takes away all the mother's beauty. Not that I am looking ugly, but my skin is breaking out and cannot decide if it wants to be dry or oily. I usually have very dry, porcelain skin, but it has been very red and bumpy for the last few weeks. TJ and I honestly do not care if the baby is a boy or girl-as long as it is healthy. TJ says they both have pros and cons, and he won't be disappointed either way. He wants to find out what we are having, but since we aren't having any ultrasounds, that will be impossible. I really want the surprise on Bean's birthday. And I have heard too many stories of the technician or doctor being wrong! Could you imagine? Talk about surprise! Not to mention the hassle of returning or packing up all the gender specific items.

Well, my sister has finally warmed up to the idea that she is going to be Auntie Libby. She called me for some advice on what to do with an airline ticket that she needs to cancel because her friends are afraid to travel after the events two weeks ago. I was a travel agent for five and a half years, so this is a common occurrence. Then Libby said that she will use the credit from this ticket to come to Seattle in March or April. I asked her if she understands that it will be chilly with pouring rain in March or April. She lives in Sunny Florida and hates rain and cold. She answered yes. I then asked her if she realizes that she will be visiting after Bean arrives. She responded that Bean is the reason that she is coming! *!!!happy dance!!!* I almost fell off the couch. I have lived here for over four years, and she has not visited once! I have been to Florida three times. Ok, we love to vacation there, but it is just a bonus to see her and vacation in the same trip. TJ and I felt really good about this because we want everyone to be as excited as we are.

I bought some maternity and baby stuff this week. I have developed an addiction to online auctions! I only bid on things I really wanted and thought I could get for less than I would pay in a consignment shop. I bought three pairs of pants, a shirt and a Baby Bjorn carrier. I can't wait until it all arrives! Deep breath, I need to repeat that I am not jinxing myself! Now I am on the lookout for tops and maybe one dress as well as a pair of shoes that I do not have to tie. I already feel like I'm not able to bend over easily and tie my shoes-I can only imagine how difficult that could be in a couple months! I also did quite a bit of research about cloth diapers, and I think I have finally decided what to buy. These particular diapers are going for almost retail price in the online auctions, so I most likely will buy them new. I need to wait until we go visit my sister-in-law before I buy. She is giving us all her baby stuff, and she cloth diapered her youngest. I wonder what kinds of treasures she has?

I am so happy that it is finally fall! That can only mean one thing . . . hockey season is right around the corner! Yippee! I absolutely love hockey, and it has been a long summer without any. I think I've been suffering withdrawals! LOL I was looking at broadcast schedules and noticed that my favorite team (the Buffalo Sabres) will be playing a game broadcast on Hockey Night in Canada (my favorite way to watch hockey other than live) two days before my due date. I remarked that I hope not to be in labor then because I don't want to miss the game. TJ responded that maybe the game would be on to distract me in early labor. Hmmm . . . he might be on to something. I was born the morning after a hockey game that my parents attended. They had first row, center ice, season tickets. A huge fight broke out right in front of them (before there was mandatory glass between the penalty box and crowd), and my father made my mom go into the hallway because he was afraid that she might go into labor since her due date was the next day. Guess who was born a huge hockey fan at 11:00 am on her due date?

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