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Week 17
~ Preparations

I can't believe I have completed seventeen weeks already! Wow, the time is just flying by. That makes me happy because I am already getting impatient to meet Bean! I know that once the weather turns rainy, time will come to a standstill. I am really dreading the rainy Seattle winter, but I'm going to be getting a prize this year near the end!

There has finally been resolution to the possible moving to NYC/Germany situation. Twice this week another interview was scheduled; twice it never happened. TJ and I had talked the situation to death, and he knew I really did not want to go at this time. Had I not been pregnant, I would go without a second thought. I just love my midwife and can't imagine birthing without her presence. I couldn't believe what TJ did . . . he called the recruiter and told her that he was no longer interested in the position. It was too stressful for him, constantly not knowing if/when the interview would happen as well as too stressful for the pregnancy. Even though his dreams are to work overseas, he passed up the opportunity. I felt so guilty at first, but he assured me his reasons are as much for himself as for me. In so many ways, I am so relieved. Now he has a lead on something in the Netherlands, but that is a whole different story, and I don't think it is quite as immediate.

This week, all the baby and maternity stuff that I ordered arrived! The front carrier is beautiful and looks brand new. My mom also sent a different front carrier that is very nice but looks rather girly-lots of purple and pink. The maternity clothes, on the other hand, went from the washing machine straight to the consignment shop. I was so excited about the price on the online auction that I wasn't thinking straight about the sizes. All the pants arrived and were several inches too short! Ugh! It didn't even dawn on me to think that I would need talls in maternity as well. I am only 5' 6", but I'm all legs. At least I didn't spend too much. Maybe I can recover some of my money from the consignment shop. The woman there said the clothes were in excellent shape and would probably go quickly. After payday I am going to do some looking for myself in the consignment shops. I hope I can find some tall sizes, or I may have to spend the rest of my pregnancy in skirts or maybe the one pair of new tall pants that I would buy. I don't think TJ would object to skirts . . . I almost never dress up and he hates that!

I'm not really ready for maternity clothes yet anyway. I can still zip my jeans (I buy them big) and have a few pairs of shorts that I bought in a bigger size last year because I couldn't resist the bargains. I've been having a lot of round ligament pains this week; I'm hoping that is a sign that my tummy will pop soon, and I will look obviously pregnant to the world!

We also received Bean's car seat. It is very nice. We bought a convertible car seat, which goes to forty pounds. It changes from rear facing to front facing. I do not like the infant car seat/carrier combinations and wasn't looking forward to purchasing a second seat after Bean would outgrow the infant one. TJ had fun playing with all the buckles, and he was ready to install it in the car last night! I told him I would be more comfortable to wait just a bit longer--still worried about jinxing something. Although it would have been fun to put a doll in it and make myself appear to be eligible for the carpool lane! LOL Oh, I shudder to think about the ticket that could happen . . .

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