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Week 18
~ Car Shopping

Well, it started out as a very quiet week. I have decided that quiet is good; I don't need any stress or tension to deal with. I've been feeling more or less better, trying to go for a daily walk, and getting really excited that I'm almost halfway there. Then the weekend came . . .

TJ wanted to take a spur of the moment trip up to Vancouver for the night to watch the Canucks/Red Wings hockey game. I started looking up ticket prices and hotel rates and decided that I really didn't want to spend so much money. Besides, the game was on television, so we could watch it anyway. We still wanted to have a little adventure before the game started. I talked TJ into going to Salmon Days. It is a local festival in honor of the salmon swimming home (home is really the fish hatchery!). There is lots of food, including amazing, humongous strawberry shortcakes, and arts and crafts displays. I thought we might even get some holiday shopping done.

We started out, and TJ realized he forgot his glasses. He tried to turn the van around on the hill, and the transmission slipped three times! Yikes! We have had that van for less than one year, and it was only 5 years old with very low mileage. I remarked that it had slipped on me too, several times this week. I thought it was because of stopping and starting on the hill. Apparently not! Automatic transmissions are so expensive to fix, and the cars are never the same. So much for Salmon Days (I'm still mourning the strawberry shortcake I was dreaming about); we were heading to the car dealership for a new ride!

We called ahead to make sure the salesman we had bought two vehicles from was in. He was out on extended leave as he hurt his knee. We decided to stop by anyway to see what they had. Would you believe they had my almost dream car? A Jeep Grand Cherokee in forest green! The only thing missing was the leather seats, which I can live without if I have to. We sat inside . . . guess what? It was the wrong model year; we decided it was too narrow inside, especially after our van. We left and went to several other dealerships, but no one had anything that either we liked or was in our price range. We had a lot of negative equity in that van and very little money to put down since we weren't planning on a new car for at least 2 years.

Somehow we ended up at the Nissan dealership. We usually buy Chrysler products, so this was outside the box for us. I fell in love with the Nissan Xterra, but because we had so much negative equity, we couldn't get it. It looked like we were headed for another minivan, which is ok, but all the Nissan Quest minivans have VCRs in them. We did not want a TV in the car! The sales manager told us he would crunch the numbers because he saw the value in getting us out of the negative equity. To make a long story short, we got the Xterra! Yippee! It is so cool--a pretty well loaded 2001 and the color blue of Cookie Monster. Unfortunately, we had to put down more money than we had readily available, so we had to turn to our friends, MasterCard and Visa. I know that isn't the best idea, but there is no way we would have been able to pay cash for the repairs on the old van. At the end of our lease, we will be out of the very scary negative equity.

So much for trying to save money by not going to Vancouver!

Yesterday I had another midwife appointment. This time I finally met with Wendy, and I am happy to report that I love her too! I wonder what the chances might be of having both of them at the birth? She is very laid back; we got along quite well, and I was very comfortable with her. Everything is great with Bean! We were able to hear him with the fetoscope. It was very exciting to hear his heartbeat this way. The sound was very faint and similar to light tapping on a drum. Wendy could hear him moving around and having heart accelerations, which is very healthy. My blood pressure was even lower than the reading I got at home! Wow, Wendy is cool, that is all I can say about that! She got the lowest blood pressure reading I have ever seen on myself. We talked a little more about the RH factor issue. Hopefully, that discussion will have been unnecessary. TJ went to the doctor and had blood drawn last week; we are still waiting for the results. Please let him be negative!

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