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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ Movement!

We have movement! I had been feeling something the last week or so I thought, but I wasn't sure if it was Bean or maybe just gas. One night this week I laid down in bed and felt the same thing, only much stronger! I can feel Bean just about every day now. It is so cool! I can't wait until he gets bigger and starts kicking . . . I want to be able to identify body parts!

My appetite has returned! Wow, to be able to eat a whole meal is wonderful! I'm a little worried about how hungry I am, but I'm trying to make healthy choices. Trying . . . I had pumpkin pie for breakfast today! Yummy! And the ice cream shop across the street calls my name every night. Fortunately, I never carry cash, so I would have to make an extra trip to the bank if I really want the ice cream. That seems to cut down on my visits. I'm continuing to stay away from eggs and hamburger because the thought of those foods still makes me feel nauseous. I still haven't had any cravings. I think they might be a myth. Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches always taste good though! I've also gotten up in the middle of the night a few times to have a snack! I have never done that before.

This week I almost caved about knowing the sex in advance. I really want the surprise, but I'm getting anxious. If only there was some other way than ultrasound, I found myself thinking one day. I promptly stopped myself and reminded myself that I need to be strong. I need the surprise on Bean's birthday. I really think not knowing will help me to push more effectively.

The results of TJ's blood type test are in. I guess if this is the most complicated thing in my pregnancy, knock wood, I can handle it. Of course he is RH positive. I need to talk a lot about this at my next appointment. I need to decide if I am going to accept the Rhogam. My mom is RH negative, and she told me this week that my father is RH positive. All three of the children are RH negative, and she never took the Rhogam or produced any anti-bodies. Maybe it's genetic? I wonder about those women who are members of faiths that do not believe in accepting human blood products. Surely they are not all RH positive or have only one child. I asked Wendy about this at my last visit, and she replied that they have not yet had any RH negative mothers with these beliefs. They have all been RH positive. I feel like such a rebel! I am one to question everything that goes into my system, and putting all possible side effects aside, the idea of it being a human blood product absolutely freaks me out. It is impossible to be sure that the Rhogam is totally free from things such as Hepatitis and HIV. Do I want to take any chances of contracting a disease? On the other hand, do I want to go without and chance that Bean might be our only child? Will it work for sure if I do take it? Decisions, decisions . . . I am relieved that no matter what I choose, Wendy and Heather will support me. They might not agree, but they will not judge me or abandon my care. Yay for midwifery!

This baby needs a name. We had names picked out way before we got pregnant, but somehow they don't seem right now. I went to the library and checked out six different baby name books. What a task ahead of us! Bean will carry this name for the rest of his life. We decided that we do not want an original spelling (if I had a nickel for every time I had to spell my name, Karin with an I not an E, I'd be a millionaire) or a trendy first name. We do not want a unisex name. After much thought and paging through all the books, we have two boy's names and one girl's name. We are still searching for another girl's name so that we can see what Bean looks like and decided between the choices. We are keeping them a secret until the Birthday!

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