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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ Half Way!

Time to celebrate another milestone! I am halfway there! Wow! I cannot believe it. Sometimes I just sit and wonder where the time has gone. I'm sure the second half will not pass as quickly. Every day I get more excited about meeting Bean. I know that a watched pot never boils, but I can't wait! I've even been tempted a few times to count the number of days . . . I've been good and restrained myself. I'm also convinced that Bean will be late, so in actuality, I probably have more than 20 weeks to go. I'm still sort of hoping for a Saint Patrick's Day baby.

Sometimes I get a little sad about Alex though. The one year anniversary of his going home to Heaven is coming up in the next two weeks. I think about him a lot; he would be about three months old now. I know that he is watching over us, and we will get to meet him one day. I know he is in a wonderful place, but I'm still sad.

I can say with confidence that I am pretty sure the nausea is gone. *knock wood* However, it has been replaced with its evil twin, heartburn! Ugh, ouch, nasty! No fair! Now when I go to eat something, I have to decide if the degree of heartburn will be worth it. I even get heartburn from water! Well, there is one old wives' tale that says a pregnant mom with bad heartburn will birth a baby with a full head of hair. If that is true, I will gladly suffer. TJ has the most beautiful thick hair, and I am somewhat follicle challenged. I pray frequently that Bean will get the hair genes from his daddy.

Bean is having a party in my belly. Looking back, I am sure that I felt him before last week; I just wasn't quite sure that it was the baby. Now I feel him all the time! It is an amazing yet weird feeling, and it is so very cool. One morning I spent about an hour watching my tummy because I thought for sure I would be able to see something. Bean was punching, kicking, and having a great time in there. I can sometimes feel him on the outside even though I can't see him yet. TJ is so excited to feel the movement, but he has bad timing so far. He is convinced that Bean doesn't like him because Bean seems to stop every time TJ puts his hand on my belly. I think I'm just more sensitive to the motion because it is my belly that is turning into a boxing ring!

I'm still wearing my regular jeans and slowly breaking down about buying some maternity jeans. I estimate two or three more weeks and I won't be able to zip up. I am now walking around with the button undone or secured with a rubber band. The clothing with which I am really having issues are my shoes! Bending over to tie them is getting really irritating. It puts pressure on my diaphragm, which is really uncomfortable, and it sometimes makes the heartburn act up. I imagine it is only going to get worse. I have been on a quest for the perfect, easy to put on shoe. Clogs are in right now, so you would think this is an easy task. No, it is almost impossible. I can't find any with the right heel height in the right color in the right size. All I ask for is a one to one and one half inch heel in black and a size ten. Size ten shoes are tough to find because I think each store only gets one pair of each style in a ten. Once they are gone, too bad. One day, I fear that I will either resort to wearing my Tevas with socks (yuck!) or slippers.

Well, Bean and I are off to watch his first Buffalo Sabres hockey game on television and to eat some nachos (with lots of sour cream to help ease the inevitable heartburn), so we will check in next week!

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