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Week 21
~ Looking for a Doctor for Bean

This has been a very calm week. Bean is doing great and bouncing around a lot especially at night. TJ still hasn't felt him and is so excited about when he finally can. I'm learning to deal with the heartburn . . . lots of papaya enzyme tablets and not eating too close to bedtime. If I could find a cure for pregnant heartburn, I would be a billionaire! I'm trying to do some more exercise, but I'm getting really bored with walking. In fact, winter is here, early of course, and with almost constant rain, I have to go either to the mall (which can get expensive!) or to the fitness room and use the treadmill which I find incredibly boring. I tried a water aerobics class, but I didn't care for it one bit. I'm very picky about my water aerobics classes because I used to be an instructor. I haven't found any classes that I like since I moved here four years ago. I'm thinking of trying a prenatal yoga class, but it is rather expensive. I need to wait for a few more paychecks to recover from buying the new car.

I did break down and buy some maternity pants this week. I was so bloated and uncomfortable; I guess that is what happens after eating too many beans in one day while trying to eat more protein! The pants are still too big after the bloat went away. I tried using safety pins to keep them up, but the pins wouldn't hold properly. They kept bursting open! LOL I bought some hooks and eyes to try and make the pants somewhat adjustable. For now I'm happy in my sweats (actually TJ's sweats) and unbuttoned jeans with long tops.

One of the things on my to-do list is to find a doctor for Bean. I prefer to avoid pediatricians as I have vivid horrible memories of the one I went to when I was a child. She was so mean and couldn't relate to children at all. I wish I could choose a naturopathic doc, but our insurance doesn't cover it. I haven't been to a regular doctor since that horrible physician's assistant broke my spirit when I was miscarrying Alex. TJ's doctor is a family doctor, and he is a nice guy, but I really dislike his nurse. She is terrible about returning phone calls and getting messages to the doc. I was not looking forward to finding someone. Just the thought of interviewing makes my skin crawl.

I went with TJ to his doctor's appointment. I asked Dr. K if he could recommend a family doc or a nurse practitioner who would support extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and vaccinating on my schedule or possibly not at all as well as not offer me parenting advice. He thought for a bit and said that he didn't know anyone else but that he would be happy to take care of Bean. I just knew this was going to happen! Ugh, I had to tell him that I couldn't deal with his nurse. He already knows I don't like her because TJ has mentioned it in the past. Dr. K told us that if we ever have any issues with her, let him know immediately and he will take care of the problem. I then grilled him on breastfeeding . . . his kids breastfed until they were two and three years old, and he believes in child-led weaning as well as the benefits of long term breastfeeding. I asked him if he has a problem with co-sleeping . . . no, he doesn't because that is a parenting issue, not a medical one. What about the vaccination issue . . . he said that he is pro-vaccination because he has seen children die (he does a few weeks of volunteer work each year in third world countries) but that he is open to a parental schedule as well as refusal of certain vaccines, which happen to be the ones to which I object. I made him promise not to offer us parenting advice; he said that he does not make a practice of this because he is the physician, not the parent. I was so happy! The only other thing that I do not like about Dr. K is that he tends to push pills. TJ comes away with a prescription or samples of medicine almost every time he goes in. I did let Dr. K know that I am a granola and prefer to try natural things first, so hopefully we can work that out.

I still plan on asking Heather and Wendy if they have any recommendations, but for now I consider the task of deciding on a doctor done! What a load off my mind!

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