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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22
~ Midwife Appointment

I've been going through a lot of stress this week. I'm not exactly sure what is wrong, but it was just one of those weeks where you don't feel quite right. I have had enough of world events to last me several lifetimes over. I can't even watch the news anymore because it makes me so worried. TJ is going through a rough spot where he is very worried about his job due to what is going on with the economy (I don't understand because he is working on a new type of cell phone/computer, and market analysts predict growth for the cell phone industry). I feel so bad for not being able to listen to his worries, but they scare me. I'm also fearful of something going wrong with my pregnancy that would disqualify me from midwifery care. Everything will be fine, I must keep telling myself that . . . everything will be fine . . .

I am starting to be confident enough to buy baby things! A Moms of Multiples group had a huge sale over the weekend. I had only one hour to shop; I could have used the whole day! Bean has a good start . . . I bought 15 one-piece outfits, 3 long sleeve body suits, 5 short sleeve body suits, a sweat suit, 3 blankets (one hand knitted!) and a head support for the car seat for only $51.00! The next sale is in the spring, and I'm sure we'll find tons more stuff. We will also get there when the doors open! I also got several boxes from my sister-in-law. It was great fun going through everything, washing it, and putting it in the dresser. I've also started scouring the stores for sales and the consignment shops for gently used things.

Speaking of clothing, it is really hard to find gender neutral outfits. There are lots of cute one-piece sleeper like things, but actual outfits are few and far between. Give me strength to make it through the next 18 weeks! It's probably better that we are waiting, so I don't buy too much stuff. *sigh* When I look at frilly girl dresses or cute boy clothes, I could just melt and out comes the credit card . . . I lose all self control! LOL I figure when people ask what to get us, we can ask for 3-6 month (and sizes beyond) outfits and books. TJ is so sweet, he told me to go crazy with what I can find now, but I don't want to rack up too much debt even though I love washing and folding those tiny clothes! I also treated myself to a shopping trip through the StorkNet Mall. I wanted to do mostly consignment or ebay purchases for myself, but I was having a terrible time finding anything that I really liked. I am so excited for my new things to come!

I have finally retired my jeans. My belly is getting a little bigger, but I think it could be a few more weeks before I'm noticeably pregnant to those who don't know me. I am carrying very low . . . does that mean boy or girl? And any weight I've gained (which I know is minimal even without weighing in) is going right to my lower belly and maybe a bit to my thighs. I have a very short torso and long legs, so I expected I would look like I swallowed a basketball, as there is really nowhere else for the baby to go. I'm surprised to see everything sitting so low. I love my body! I feel like a pregnant goddess with my curves--TJ loves them too!

I had an appointment with Heather this week, and she pronounced Bean perfect! My blood pressure was a tad bit high, but I was stressed as I discovered a bit of spotting right before my appointment. Nothing to worry about; it was most likely caused by umm, a night of passion the evening previous. Bean was being very free spirited and didn't want Heather to hear him with the fetoscope. She heard him for a second and couldn't find him again so that I could listen. I really wanted to hear him, so we had to use the Doppler again. I cannot believe how strong and loud his heartbeat has gotten since we first heard him. My uterus is measuring right where it should be. She went over the next round of diagnostic testing available to me as well as more information about BayRho, which is the mercury free version of Rhogam. Are you sick of my whining about this? Ugh, I can barely stand to think about it anymore! My goal is to keep this pregnancy as medically free as possible. Consequently, I am declining the Gestational Diabetes screening with the understanding that I may do it later if there are warning signs. I have only one risk factor, which is that I was overweight before I got pregnant. I have changed my eating habits and am not falling for the "eating for two excuse". Heather feels that my eating better reduces the risk factor. I am going to have the Anti-D screening for RH antibodies even though chances are miniscule that I have developed any. As Heather said, they do this test to reassure themselves that I haven't. OK, I'll indulge that since they like to do a complete blood count to recheck all the levels and the Anti-D test uses the same blood. I'm still on the fence about BayRho. Apparently having it before birth. as opposed to waiting to see if Bean is RH+, can significantly decrease your risk of developing antibodies. The antibodies won't affect Bean, but they could affect the next pregnancy if there is one. I don't want to have the decision to have more children made for me, but I hate the idea of putting a human blood product in my system. Well, I've got 27 more days to decide what to do . . .

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