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Week 23
~ Caught By the Shopping Bug

I think I have officially become a baby clothes shopaholic! Or maybe I am nesting a bit. I feel this tremendous sense of urgency to make sure that Bean has enough to wear. I know we have plenty of time before he comes, but I cannot shake the urge to shop. I also love washing and folding those tiny little clothes-especially the socks! I'm trying not to buy too much because I want to get some pink or blue things when Bean arrives. I cannot wait to get my cloth diapers. I am so excited about them. Unfortunately it will be at least another month before I can place the order. We are planning to use the Christmas gift from my grandmother to pay for them. Well, a month is not a very long time the way time has been passing so quickly these days!

We are having a baby! LOL I must look noticeably pregnant now because twice this week someone asked me if I knew what I was having. A baby, I replied! I guess most people find out the gender in advance because they both looked at me like I had two heads when I said we are waiting for the birthday to find out. I must say, I am very tempted . . . I think I am more scared of the ultrasound though! I really think that if God meant for me to have a peek in advance, He would have put a window on my belly. Less than four months to go; I can make it. TJ, of course, uses instances like this to try and sway me. He is much more impatient than I am. I'm still thinking boy, but I have had a couple of very vivid girl dreams this week.

Over the weekend we went to Toys R Us searching for a Cookie Monster window cling. Of course I had to use the restroom, and when I came back out into the store, I found TJ looking at strollers. Now I am not a huge fan of strollers. I think they are great for carrying packages, but I would rather carry the baby or use a sling/front carrier. That is always what I did when I was a nanny. TJ knows this, and he said, "Look, I found the perfect package carrier." It was a $90.00 SUV stroller complete with steering wheel, horn, and radio. He wanted it so badly! Maybe when the baby is a little older if we find that we have a need for a stroller . . . We never did find the window cling.

This week we talked a little more about appointing a guardian for Bean should something horrible happen to both of us. That was a really tough talk; it is so scary to think about your own mortality, especially when a child is involved. Our options are few because our families are very small and scattered around the country. We don't have any friends who we would be comfortable asking. In theory we would love to have TJ's sister and her husband, but that wouldn't work for various reasons, the main one being that Bean would be in a situation where TJ's father has access to him. TJ absolutely does not want that. My mom has agreed to be the primary guardian as long as we name someone else in case she gets sick or otherwise cannot care for Bean. She is very young (56 years old), but her parents both passed away at a young age. We are going to ask my brother if he would be the second guardian. He is really a great guy and cannot have children of his own due to a past medical procedure. He has a stable job, is very open minded and nonjudgmental, and holds values very close to our own. He also lives only an hour from my mom, so Bean would have his grandmother close by. I hope he agrees!

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