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Week 24
~ Growth Spurts

I think Bean is having a major growth spurt this week! I have never been so hungry in my entire life! Wow! And food tastes so good these days, even when it gives me heartburn. I'm also finding that I have less heartburn when I eat more frequently, so I try to keep a little something in my stomach all the time. I still haven't had any cravings (and I was pouting a bit about this the other day because I really wanted to see if TJ would run out at 2 am to get me whatever it is that I needed), and I feel like I could eat anything that isn't bolted down. I am so excited that Thanksgiving is coming! It is my favorite meal, and I will be using the "eating for two" excuse this time! The turkey is still thawing, and I am already planning what to do with the leftovers. It will only be TJ and I, and we have an almost fourteen pound turkey! Now that is a lot of leftovers! Yummy!

I think I have finally found an acceptable water aerobics class. It is a thirty minute drive from my house, but the instructor is pretty good and the pool isn't too crowded. I am the only pregnant person in the class. I am also the youngest person--it is made up entirely of seniors except for the instructor and me. Some of these ladies are in wonderful shape; they challenge me to keep going, which is great. I'm not about to be outdone by someone twice my age! LOL The class isn't geared towards any particular fitness level, rather it is a do as much as you can program. I'm happy with it for now. Ouch, I think I pushed myself a little bit too much yesterday. My round ligaments weren't too happy with me this morning. It is so funny to me to feel my belly bouncing in the water. Bean seems to like it, as it puts him right to sleep. I'm hoping he will love the water as much as I do and am planning on taking him to infant swim classes as soon as we can.

Speaking of classes, we are finally signed up for childbirth education classes. We are going to be taking classes with Penny Simkin. She is one of the founders of Doulas of North America as well as the author of many childbirth related books. I am so excited! This woman is amazing! The classes are specifically for families birthing outside the hospital. I am so thankful because hospital classes tend to teach you how to be a good patient, and I am not at all interested in that since we won't be going to the hospital. I had called about a month ago inquiring about the classes, and there were no classes set at that time. Today I got the call that the class will run January 22 through February 26 . . . just in time for Bean to arrive. Hopefully, if I was to go early, it won't be too early. I doubt I'll be early since Bean is my first full term baby. I wish that TJ were more excited about the classes. I hope he can make it through the birth without too much trauma. He is afraid of blood and pain. Hopefully he will learn some good support techniques and learn to look beyond the blood and possible pain (he doesn't believe me when I tell him that I don't believe birth is painful . . . I believe that society tells us it is painful and we act accordingly). He is already practicing low back massage and counter pressure that I taught him. Ahhhh, he is really getting wonderful at that!

I'm so sad about my doula. My good friend Deann, who I met in my doula training, may be moving away. Far away, to the Midwest. It will be a great opportunity for her and her husband, but I will miss her so much. I'm also being a little selfish because I want her here for Bean's birth! She has someone in mind to be my doula in the event that she is not here, but it won't be the same. *sigh* Really, I am happy for her (just sad for myself) because these are tough economic days, and if there is a chance for them to do better somewhere else, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

Well, time to make dinner (homemade pizza with dough from scratch-yum!), so I'll check in next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

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