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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 25
~ Lots of Activity

So much for my Thanksgiving eating for two . . . my stomach is shrinking. I couldn't fit in nearly enough for two. Oh, and did I suffer from some nasty heartburn. I finally deduced that the heartburn was a result of too many candied sweet potatoes, which are my absolute favorite holiday food. We did have a very nice meal though even though I ate sparingly. I could barely get down a sliver of pumpkin pie, and pumpkin pie is the closest thing I have had to a craving. I love it, especially for breakfast! The turkey was just gorgeous, and TJ said it was the best bird he ever ate. Everything came together very well, timing wise, which is always a big worry for me. Last Christmas, the roast was done almost two hours before I anticipated! That made me a little crazy, but we just reheated individual pieces and everything turned out fine.

My appetite is still huge even though my brain and stomach disagree on how much I should eat. One morning over the weekend, I woke before TJ and made a beeline for the cheerios. I was starving! On my third bowl (!), TJ came out of the bedroom and asked what was I trying to tell him. Huh? He said I was shoveling in the cereal so quickly that the spoon was clinking furiously against the bowl, and he thought I was trying to send a message in Morse code! LOL Eating in Morse code . . .

Bean is so active, and I am beginning to see a pattern to his movement. He loves it when I sit tailor style on the floor; I guess he has more room that way. Sometimes when I wake up in the night, I can feel him dancing away. It is so cool! TJ has yet to feel anything. He thinks he felt a flutter once but nothing since. I can't understand that because it feels to me like a wresting match is going on in there! I would even swear that I have seen my belly jerk and shake on occasion. One night this week, we were lying in bed, and TJ had his hand on my belly. He kept moving his hand around, and Bean was following with a kick in each new place where TJ put his hand. I thought that was so neat. Bean was trying to say "Here Papa! I'm right here, can't you feel me?"

Bean also responds to music. He loves the Barenaked Ladies. Whenever I play one of their cds and sing along, he dances up a storm. I wonder if he will like them once he is born? At least he has the beginnings of good musical taste!

We are considering moving again. Are we crazy or what? The recession seems to have hit fairly hard in this area, and housing prices as well as rent have been steadily falling. Many places are offering one or two months of free rent, paid utilities, and reduced rent. We would love to have something a little bigger since we are in a 650 square foot one bedroom apartment, and we have to have a storage unit for most of our sporting equipment, books, and seasonal stuff. We could use the money we would save on the free rent to break our lease and could possibly spend less on rent than we are now for more space! We will likely be moving in the summer when our lease ends, simply on principal because we are having issues with the downstairs neighbor about us making too much noise. We are quiet as mice, but she is the assistant manager of the complex and is trying to pull a power trip on us. Can you believe that she complained about us laughing too loud? Give me a break! She is going to be so unhappy when the baby comes! Apparently this apartment was vacant for a few months, and she doesn't want anyone to live here. I wonder why she chose a second floor unit knowing full well that she would have people above her? In some ways I think it would be easier to make a move now rather than when Bean is five months old. TJ will be doing all the work if we do it now. There is no way I am going to be of much help in this pregnant body! We are just waiting to see if the holidays bring any deals too good to pass up.

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