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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ Midwife Appointment

I had an appointment with Wendy this week. Bean is doing great. He has something against us listening to him with the fetoscope though. Wendy tried for a good five minutes and couldn't find him. Of course as soon as she put the Doppler on my belly, ta-da! Bean made his presence known. His heartbeat is so loud and strong now. I just love that sound!

The rest of the appointment was uneventful, which I must remember is excellent! Bean is measuring one week ahead. As long as he is measuring within three weeks either way, the measurement is considered accurate, allowing for variation in how each midwife measures and how the baby is laying. I cannot believe I start appointments every two weeks now! Wendy said see you in four weeks, and I asked when the two week schedule begins. She said I could start every two weeks now; they usually give you the choice at this point. I replied that four weeks was fine, and I was just curious about when. She then said that they like me a lot, so come back in two. Bean is going to be here before I know it. There are less than one hundred days until my due date!

One thing I absolutely love about midwifery care is the time allotted to each client. I have been feeling so anxious lately that something is going to go wrong and disqualify me from midwifery care. Actually, I was even reluctant to go to my last two appointments because I was so worried. In reality I know the chances are slim because I'm doing everything right, but I can't help my worries when I hear all these horror stories. There is something about a pregnant woman that makes strangers (and family too) think they can tell her all kinds of awful things that happened to people they know . . . without remembering the whole story of course. Wendy sat with me and talked for forty-five minutes, let me vent, and encouraged me to call whenever I need to if anything, no matter how slight it may seem, is bothering me. I love the caring, personal approach to their care. I remember going in to the regular doc with a list of questions and being hurried out the door before having gotten through the first few questions and spending less than ten minutes with the doc.

I still want to know why my belly makes people think they are entitled to tell me all kinds of scary things. I would never, ever do that to a pregnant woman! Like we don't have enough things to think about!

I have been thinking a lot about Bean's birth. I am really excited to prepare for the event. I'm even hoping to bake a birthday cake. (only for the grownups of course!) I've been doing my research on birthing tubs since I want to have a waterbirth. Those tubs are very expensive, in the $200 range! Wow, I was not prepared for that. For a few days, we actually contemplated having Bean at the birth center because the co-pay for doing so is much less than the cost of a tub. I just hate for Bean's birthday plans to come down to financials. I really prefer to plan for a homebirth, so I was disappointed thinking about the birth center although it is very nice there. I got some wonderful advice from the women at the Choices in Childbirth message forum, and I'm back on track with the homebirth. Our next stop is the toy store to check out kiddie pools and the farm supply store to check out a trough or something similar. We will figure this out and make it work how we want. Of course, an unexpected Christmas present would be welcome too . . . TJ is worried that a kiddie pool might spring a leak and that we could be in trouble as far as insurance goes. *knock wood* Hopefully that won't happen!

I'm starting to get ready for the holidays. I don't think we are going to put up a Christmas tree this year. We are very limited on space, and all of our ornaments are packed away in storage. When I think about taking everything down afterwards, I get really, really tired. We didn't have a tree last year either because we were grieving the loss of Angel Alex. Next year, I'll bet our house will be the most decorated house on the block to make up for lost years and Bean's first Christmas! I have been making ornaments to give as gifts and getting my cards ready to mail out. I can't believe it is December already!

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