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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 27
~ Preggo Brain

I got a call from Wendy this week. My iron levels have dropped quite a bit. They are on the low side of normal, so she would like to see them higher because they were very high at my first prenatal check. I know exactly what happened. I haven't been very good about taking my vitamins since my all day sickness disappeared. I just about ran out and kept forgetting to buy more. Wendy suggested that we eat more red meat, which I think of more as a treat rather than the two to three times per week that she would like to see. Of course TJ was very excited about that suggestion! When I called him to tell him that my iron was low and what we needed to do, he told me to go down to Safeway right now and pick up some steaks for dinner. The next day I hit the stores and stocked up on red meat and vitamins. Next week at my appointment, Heather is going to talk to me about other ideas for iron rich foods. I think I will ask them to recheck my levels in a month or so.

I have had terrible preggo brain this week. Actually, it is quite comical looking back, but at the time I was very aggravated with myself. This week alone, I put a full dozen of eggs away in the cupboard and didn't find them until the next day, forgot to pay the phone bill which was already late because I forgot to pay it last month, and washed my hair with conditioner! Good grief! I used to have a very good memory for details, and now I often wonder where I left my brain. I've heard this is one thing that doesn't go away when the baby is born . . . it just turns into Mommy Brain! LOL

Guess what I bought this week? Diapers! I made out like a bandit on online auctions. I am so excited! I won two separate auctions for one dozen each of one size fitted diapers. Had I purchased them new, I would have spent $264 plus shipping/handling and sales tax. I paid $173 including shipping! I just love a good bargain! Both of the sellers advertised excellent condition and the pictures looked very good. I cannot wait to receive them. Look for me hanging around the mailboxes every day waiting for the postman! I've already purchased quite an assortment of size small covers, so I'm going to start looking for the medium size even though we probably won't need them for at least two and a half months. When I buy a little at a time, it is so much easier on our bank account.

TJ finally felt Bean move! I am so happy! The amazement in his voice when he asked "Did Bean kick right here? I felt him!" was priceless. I thought Bean has been very active in the last few weeks . . . well, he was quiet compared to how he's been this week. One evening I laid in bed watching television with the remote control laying on my belly. After a few minutes, Bean started going nuts and dancing up a storm. The remote control took on a life of its own and was moving and shaking. It was so cool!

Our bathtub sprung a leak this week. It leaked down into the assistant manager's apartment. Of course TJ and I were both asleep by the time she decided to do something about it which was a good half hour after I got out of the bath. The maintenance guy was pounding on our door at 10 pm. He had to knock for almost 10 minutes before we realized something was happening. Apparently, the drain just needed to be tightened, but this got TJ to worrying about the kiddie pool idea again. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I'm hoping that maybe we don't owe as much income tax as I'm planning for, and then there will be money for the birthing tub.

I really love being pregnant. Feeling Bean move, watching my belly grow, seeing TJ's tender side . . . *sigh* It is wonderful. I cannot believe I'm about to enter my last trimester. If I have my way, this will not be the last time I am pregnant. The nausea, the worries, the potty trips in the middle of the night are all worth it. Bye-bye second trimester!

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