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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ The Dentist!

Welcome to the third trimester! Wow, I cannot believe that I am in the final third of my pregnancy. Time has flown so quickly. I should have known something big was waiting to greet me seeing as I have had such an uneventful pregnancy thus far with the exception of being RH negative.

One morning I woke up and was eating my usual breakfast of Raisin Bran and water. I took a big drink of water and OUCH! I almost fell off my chair. A bit of background is necessary here. Last January, I thought I cracked one of my teeth while I was eating popcorn. I heard it crack, but the dentist told me I was crazy. My tooth wasn't cracked, just bruised. He sent me home with my painkiller of choice. I am very scared of the dentist, so his telling me that my concerns weren't valid contributed to making my fears worse. I never followed up on the tooth because I thought a bruise to the tooth would heal just the same as a bruise to the skin. In the back of my mind, I worried just a bit on and off . . . especially because I have been having rather weird dreams about teeth. I think my body was trying to tell me something! I called the midwives and spoke to Wendy. She told me that it would be more important to take care of the tooth rather than risk something happening to Bean, particularly if there was an infection hiding in the tooth. She said a filling shouldn't be a problem, just ask the dentist to use Novocain without epinephrine, which is a stimulant that I didn't need given my anxiety level in combination with pregnancy. No way was I going back to that dentist I saw previously (it was a very scary HMO dental office, like something straight out of Little Shop of Horrors, LOL!), so I called TJ and asked him to switch the insurance over to the plan where I could see any dentist. Luckily he was able to do this and backdate the change to effective December 1. I called a dental office where one of my friends went and managed to get an emergency appointment right away.

I was so scared. I don't know if I can express to you how strong my fear is. Childbirth doesn't scare me; playing a sport where I could easily be hurt doesn't scare me. But the dentist . . . oh my, I would rather do anything except play with snakes. Well, maybe even play with snakes. I talked myself up. I can handle one filling. Be strong Karin, you can do this. I got dressed and grabbed my stuffed animal Piglet. He came along for moral support.

Imagine my surprise when the final verdict was announced. The tooth was indeed cracked (in several places and had likely been cracked back in January) and badly decayed. I needed an emergency root canal and crown! My fear level got turned up a few more notches. I thought I was going to burst into tears right then and there. There was no time to wait until after the baby comes; this needed to be done as soon as possible in order to prevent the decay from going into my jawbone. Two hours later, I was at the root canal dentist, shaking like a leaf, clutching Piglet for dear life. Fortunately, they were as gentle as possible, but it was still very traumatic. I had so much Novocain that I was numb up to my eyeballs and across my nose! When the Novocain wore off, it felt like someone had a wrestling match with my tooth, and the tooth definitely lost. I don't do well coming off Novocain, so I was up all night and in a fair bit of pain. The tooth has been very sore and slow to heal which they said is normal given pregnancy and not taking any medication that might help speed the healing. Tylenol doesn't help, and I wouldn't take anything stronger even if they prescribed it. Up to this point in my pregnancy, I had only taken one Tylenol. I have to go in January to get the crown done, and that is a two-step process. Two more dental appointments. *sigh* Over $1,000 out of pocket. And after Bean is born, TJ wants me to have all my dental issues fixed . . . very scary, my heart pounds just thinking about it, but I certainly don't want another emergency root canal (or any root canal!) if I can avoid it!

Bean, however, is doing just fine! He was kicking like crazy during the procedure and all night long. I think he was trying to say, "don't worry about me Mama, take care of your sick tooth."

I had an appointment with Heather this week. Bean is still opposed to the fetoscope. Heather put it on my belly, and Bean kicked it off! We both broke out laughing, especially because she just finished asking me how active Bean was! TJ says Bean must be a boy who takes after his Papa and prefers technology. My blood pressure was acting up-just the white coat syndrome, which Heather totally understands because she has it too. She re-took it on my left side while I was lying down, and it went back to normal. She said she is going to make a note to always take it that way. I joked and asked her if I could have a "Left Side" sticker to put next to the "RH Negative" sticker that is all over my chart! We spoke a little about birthing at the birth center (since we are still undecided) and common occurrences in the third trimester with things to look out for. Heather told me I needed to stay pregnant until February 12 in order to have Bean outside the hospital. I came home and counted . . . that is only 56 days away! I doubt he will be that early. My next appointment is in two weeks and two days, and TJ will finally be able to meet Wendy because I had to take a later in the day appointment. He will only have to miss 30 minutes of work. I am so glad they are going to meet. I had visions of Wendy attending the birth and introducing herself for the first time at the birth.

And a baby was born there while I was at my appointment!

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