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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
~ Ah-choo!

KarinPlease pass the Kleenex. I came down with a terrible cold this week. I almost never get sick, so I am quite unhappy to be sneezing and blowing my nose constantly. I wouldn't take anything for it even if I wasn't pregnant, but it seems worse that I can't take anything because I'm pregnant. My humidifier and boxes of tissues are my best friends this week.

Christmas Day was lovely. We got up and had French Toast for breakfast and then took a drive to Mt. Rainier National Park to take pictures and play in the snow. I didn't do much playing since I was attending to my nose, but it was great fun to watch everyone sledding and throwing snowballs. We decided that we are going to make a tradition out of going up to play in the snow on Christmas. I can't wait until next year to bundle up Bean and go make snow angels or take a ride on the sled! Of course we are hoping to be out of town next Christmas at my mom's house, but she lives in Western NY and should have plenty of snow.

Speaking of my mom's house . . . they got record snowfall this week, and am I ever homesick! I never thought I would miss the snow. My philosophy is that I couldn't miss it if I didn't have to shovel it. Wrong! I love snow! And I miss it a lot! I shouldn't complain too much though; we have had such beautiful weather here. My webbed feet are starting to dry up because it has been about a week with no rain.

We got a digital camera for Christmas from my grandmother . . . well, she sent us money and that is what we bought. We were going to use all the money for diapers, but considering how well I have been doing with the online auctions, we could have diapered several children at once! TJ is so happy with his new toy. We are both terrible at taking in film to be developed--we still have 14 rolls from our wedding and honeymoon. I would feel so awful if we did the same thing with Bean's pictures and he didn't have any reminders of his childhood. Digital is the way to go because we can store everything on the computer and have immediate gratification.

We're playing the name game again. TJ decided that we should keep looking to make sure that we give Bean the best name possible. *sigh* It is so hard to pick something that is just right. I still love our original names, but I want to be sure too. Back to the drawing board! I still think we are going to call him Bean all the time anyway!

It appears that our dilemma regarding the birthing tub has been solved! We had several Christmas Angels that gave us unexpected presents totaling just about enough to rent the tub! I was joking when I made that comment about maybe we would get an unexpected Christmas gift. We are so thankful to be blessed with some very thoughtful family members. Now if I can just get over my hang up about my nasty downstairs neighbor. She has become increasingly rude to us since our tub leaked. We are still thinking of moving, so hopefully we'll find a great deal on a bigger place, and none of the worrying will matter anymore.

I have to go to the dentist next week for the first of two crown appointments. I am already scared and nervous about it. I try to make myself calm down by counting down the days until I can chew on the side I want and until I can eat popcorn again. It's not working too well, but maybe I'll start to believe it soon.

Best wishes for a very Happy New Year from TJ, Bean and me!

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