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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ Pure Joy!

We had an appointment with Wendy this week. I am so glad that TJ was finally able to meet her! It was basically just a routine, boring appointment which is fine by me! TJ had not heard Bean since our fourteen week appointment and was amazed by how loud Bean's heartbeat is. If I could only bottle the smile on his face at hearing his baby . . . absolutely priceless. Bean also cooperated for the fetoscope!

We talked a little more about where Bean is going to be born; one of these days we will make a decision! I think we are leaning towards the birthing center unless we move because we don't want to deal with the neighbor situation. TJ and I discovered that we have the same fear, independently of each other. We are planning to tell all the neighbors as well as send a certified letter to the office so that our plans are on file, and no one thinks a domestic situation is happening. We both think that the neighbor might decide it is a life and death situation, call the police, and use her assistant manager title to enter the apartment. Maybe we are far off base, but we wouldn't put anything past her given how she has been treating us. She snottily told me that I was confused this week when I went to the office to pick up a package. I wasn't confused; the mail carrier had made a mistake!

After the appointment, TJ told me that he thinks I am more beautiful than ever, and he loved the look on my face while we were listening to Bean. He said it was the closest he has ever seen to pure joy. Can I just say again how much I love my husband?

Bean is definitely growing. He is still measuring one week ahead, but since I am absolutely sure about my dates, I think the extra week is really because I started out this pregnancy with a little extra padding! Anyway, his movements have changed. It feels more like he is rolling, twisting and stretching rather than kicking. One night after a routine potty break, I couldn't fall asleep. I noticed that Bean was awake too, so I started poking at him. He poked back! I found his hand! He pressed from the inside, and I pressed from the outside. Oh my gosh, it was so cool! I felt my baby's tiny little hand! I so badly wanted to wake TJ up, but he was sound asleep.

We spent the whole weekend apartment hunting. What a pain-literally! I thought my poor hips were going to crumble. Ouch! We found a couple places that we liked as well as many that we didn't. If we could just make a decision . . . to move now before the baby comes, shortly after the baby comes, or try to stick it out until our lease ends in August. I'm leaning towards now, but that would mean the third move this pregnancy and my ninth move in five years! The rental market here is definitely a renter's market. Many places are offering huge incentives, free rent, and drastically reduced rent. If we wait until the summer, most of the deals could be gone because people are more likely to move when the weather is nice. If the economy really is on the upswing, now is the time to make a move. We have until January 11 to decide if we are going to do it.

The week ended with my trip to the dentist office. I was all psyched up, ready to get this underway and over with! You won't believe what happened! The root canal dentist forgot to send the x-rays and report over. The new dentist did not want to take all new x-rays (I am very appreciative of this), so I had to reschedule! Ugh! I was bouncing off the walls all day because of the extra adrenaline in my system.

Next week will be a big week . . . hopefully a moving decision, a birthing decision, a dentist appointment, and possibly a shopping trip to help get my to-do list down.

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