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Week 32
~ Moving!

Well, we did make two decisions this week! We are moving . . . next week! I am living in absolute chaos right now, trying to get things packed up. I hate doing this so much, but we found a deal that we couldn't refuse: no rent until March, new construction, more amenities, and almost twice the space for only $100 more per month. We decided that it would be less stressful to move now rather than when Bean is here. In theory that sounds great, but let me tell you, I am stressed! TJ is working extra hours for the next few weeks, so I am left to pack up most everything. Packing is no easy task when you have a big belly in the way! Deep down, I know this is the right thing to do, and I love the new place. I cannot wait until it is over, and we are all settled in. I have a thing about unpacked boxes; they make me crazy. This is going to be a very long weekend!

Since we are going to a new place, we have decided for sure that Bean will be born at home! Yahoo! I love the birth center, but I have been dreaming of a home birth for so long. One night before we decided to move, I broke down in tears at having to change my plans because of one unhappy person (who doesn't even matter to me, yet has the ability to make my life miserable). I knew we chose the right apartment complex when I made a comment to the leasing agent about how my midwives were not going to believe that we are moving again. She told me about another renter who moved here to go to midwifery school, and then she asked me if this meant we are having the baby at a hospital or at home. I said that it depends on the kind of midwives you have, but my midwives do not attend births at the hospital. Our baby will either be born at home or in a freestanding birth center. Her response? "Home birth sounds so cool!"

Bean is starting to respond to TJ's voice! One night I went down to pick up TJ from the bus stop. As soon as he got settled in the car and started talking, Bean started dancing! TJ thought it was just a coincidence, so he stopped talking, and the Bean quieted down. When TJ started talking again, Bean started moving! Another night, TJ got very close to my belly and started talking to Bean, who had been unusually quiet that day. Sure enough . . . he wants to come out and play with Papa! Too bad I am not ready yet! LOL

I am starting to panic about not having things ready for Bean's arrival. I really thought that I was on the way to getting prepared, but I actually have quite bit more to do. I have been resisting a shopping spree because I don't want to have to move more stuff, but I think that makes the anxiety worse. As soon as we are moved in and all the boxes are unpacked, I am going to reward myself with some serious retail therapy. It is the best way to deal with stress, right? Until the bills come in of course!

I also survived my dentist appointment just fine. I cannot believe that I was so scared. It wasn't exactly a fun time, but it was painless and as pleasant as someone drilling down your tooth can be. I think I really lucked out with this dentist. He is my friend's dentist and did an amazing job on that friend's teeth, so at least I knew his work was good. I had no idea how gentle a dentist he is. I am actually looking forward to fixing up more of my teeth (except maybe for the wisdom teeth that I know have to come out!). I have one more appointment to get the permanent crown put on, and I don't think I will need Piglet to come with me this time. I actually felt very silly clutching Piglet, but I needed to keep my blood pressure down, and Piglet is good for that.

I want to apologize to a few of you who have sent me emails to which I haven't responded yet. I fully intend to, but my life is stretching me in so many directions right now. When I am back online after the move, I promise I'll return your mail! I love hearing from everyone!

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