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Weeks 33 and 34
~ Moving! Packing! Unpacking! Boxes!

I apologize for the late and combined entries this week. We could not make it back to the computers because of the boxes in that room! Yikes, we moved the computers in first, and then we unpacked the entire storage unit into that room! Not a very smart idea, looking back. We also had some issues with our new cable modem service. They forgot to send us the modem until I called trying to track it down. I was so happy to finally receive it! I'm amazed at how much of my life is in this computer!

Week 33 was very hectic. Pack a box, take a rest, pack another box, have some fierce heartburn . . . I don't know how we managed to get everything done, but we did. We had lots of helpers to load and unload the truck. It was really hard for me to stand around and just open doors while directing traffic, but I was good. Cleaning the old apartment was the worst part--getting up from hands and knees is rather difficult these days!

I had an appointment with Heather this week. Everything is great, and Bean cooperated with the fetoscope this time. Of course, TJ came to this appointment, so Heather used the Doppler too for TJ. Bean is still measuring one week ahead, but that is nothing to be concerned about. We spoke about the Group B Strep test which I initially was going to refuse. Group B Strep is a normal bacteria that doesn't hurt adults but can be very harmful to babies. The chances of having a baby affected by Group B Strep are very small, so I was hoping to treat (with antibiotics-*sigh* I really do not care to have them at all. Not only do they disagree with my system, but I think they are overused) based on risk factors such as membranes ruptured longer than 18 hours and fever in labor. Heather isn't too keen on that, but it is my choice. Maybe I will do the test; I have some time to think about it. There are several countries which treat based on risk factors and have a lower incidence of babies affected by the bacteria than here in the US where testing everyone is the standard.

I have had some really tough days lately thinking about my Angel Alex. I keep thinking about how Bean wouldn't be here if we hadn't lost Alex. Then I feel almost guilty thinking about how happy I am to have Bean on the way. Not that I didn't love Alex or am forgetting about him . . . it is really hard to explain. And it hurts.

Week 34 was packed with activity! Unpacking boxes and major retail therapy! Almost everything is put away now except for the computer room. I really hate living out of boxes. Unpacked boxes make me crazy, so I dove in head first and didn't come up for air until it was almost all done. That made for some ouchy hips, but it was worth it not to have to see the boxes. I must sound like a crazy woman, LOL!

I promised myself a shopping trip this week, and did I ever shop! You should see the pile on my living room floor. I am in the process of buying the few things I need for Bean as well as assembling all the supplies for the birth. I am just about done. Everything needs to be together by 37 weeks. I also need to work on a birth plan in case of transport as well as a letter to the residents of my building to keep them informed.

We also started our childbirth classes this week. They are taught by a famous childbirth educator and doula, Penny Simkin. She is wonderful! There are 9 couples in the class, and 3 of us have Heather and Wendy as our midwives. Two of us are due within a few days of each other . . . wouldn't it be funny if we had our babies on the same day? I think TJ is even enjoying himself at the classes. He was a bit apprehensive, but he's doing great.

The birth team was finalized this week. Heather or Wendy, whoever is on call (I would prefer if they both come!), the student midwife (if we get along), TJ, Nancy (our community producer here at StorkNet!), and TJ's sister Teri. Teri might also bring my niece Kaley, who is almost 10. I can't believe the time is approaching so quickly!

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