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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ Zombie . . .

I'm starting to understand something about pregnancy. I could never understand when I heard women complaining of various things near the end. I really love being pregnant and didn't know what there would be to whine about. After all, even with the aches and pains, we get a prize at the end. Up until now, I have been perfectly content to stay pregnant forever, so that I know Bean will be safe. I love feeling him squirm and kick, talking to him, and just knowing that he is there.

Then the sleep deprivation started . . .

One might say sleep deprivation is Mother Nature's way of preparing us for nighttime feedings. Well, true I say, but I have been getting up every few hours since June anyway. I am convinced the lack of sleep is to prepare us to want our babies out! I know that there won't be much sleep for a long time, but what little there is will certainly be more comfortable than what I am getting this week! Just call me zombie!

Sleepiness aside, I am still doing great. I cannot believe that I am in the final weeks of pregnancy. I'm a little afraid of making the transition to mom . . . will I be good at this? I guess we will take it day by day; hopefully everything will run smoothly, and Bean will be a happy, well-adjusted child.

My sister makes me laugh so hard. Initially, she wasn't very excited about the baby, and eventually she started to come around. She has not yet been to Seattle to visit me, and finally she decided that she would come sometime in May, to hopefully have nicer weather and see Bean smile. This week she called and asked me what about March 22-25? I asked her for what because I thought she wanted to wait for the smiles? Her response, "I just can't wait any longer to meet Bean!" Maybe pregnancy is 40 weeks to bring the family around to the idea too? LOL

I had another boring, routine appointment with Wendy this week. Boring is good. Bean sounds great although would you believe he has worked himself into a position where we cannot hear him on the fetoscope again? He is measuring right on track and is head down. He is hanging out on my left side with his feet directly under my ribs on the right. He's been this way for quite a long time. In fact, I don't recall that I have ever felt him kick my ribs on the left. But the right . . . ouch! I'm convinced he is going to be very good at playing soccer!

At this appointment I met Melissa, the student midwife. She is such a sweetheart, and I'm sure she will make an excellent addition to our birth team. I felt very comfortable with her from the moment we met. She has these very huge, calming, unbelievable blue eyes. Wendy asked me if I was ok with Melissa doing my exam. I said sure, why not, hoping that my blood pressure would behave. Melissa got the lowest reading ever!

Almost everything is set for the birth. I sent in my reservation form and payment for the birth tub, and I received my birth kit yesterday. The birth kit contains all the "medical" stuff like gloves, chux pads, gauze, etc that the midwives need. It came in a cute wicker basket shaped like an old fashioned carriage without wheels. So cute! It will make a great little storage container for diapers or maybe toys.

Now if I can just finish unpacking the boxes in the computer room and find the energy to clean the house and cook some meals for the freezer, I will be physically prepared for Bean. Now emotionally prepared, that is something to work on in the coming weeks . . .

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