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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Getting Ready

This week started out with the sickies. Both TJ and I thought we were coming down with the flu. Yuck! Being sick when you aren't pregnant is bad enough, but when you can't find a comfortable position and have to get up very often anyway, and everything you drink gives you fierce heartburn . . . well, needless to say, I was very glad when it all passed. TJ had it a little worse than I did, poor guy; he had to leave work early one day. We did end up missing our childbirth class because we didn't want to pass the sickness on to any of the other preggos.

Everything is ready for the birth except for the confirmation on the birthing tub. I have finally organized the supplies and cleaned up the living room floor. It is amazing how much stuff I have put together. It is all in the bathtub in the guest bedroom. I cannot believe how much space we have in the new place--it is wonderful! I'm getting a little nervous about the tub confirmation. I sent it in on the same day as I sent my order for the birth kit which arrived just a few days after I mailed it. The check to the birthing tub company was sent in a pre-printed envelope, so there is no way I made a mistake on the envelope. I'll have to start following up on this. They charge an extra fifty dollars if your reservation is received later than four weeks prior to your due date. I will be really upset if they make me pay more because I sent it in with plenty of time to spare.

I received my tiny newborn diapers this week. I had received an email that they were on backorder for at least three weeks, and just several days later, I got them! They are so cute! I cannot believe that I am going to have a little guy (or girl) with a rear end small enough to fit. They are beautiful diapers, lined in fleece with a terry exterior. They look so comfy! I am really excited about going the cloth diaper route--so much softer next to baby's bottom! Someone needs to take a hint about making maternity underwear as comfortable! Seriously, I have spent more money on underwear than anything else, and I still haven't found any that are truly comfortable.

I forgot to mention that I did do the Group B Strep test last week. I really didn't want to, but I was afraid that Bean could be in for an emergency transport if he had respiratory issues and we didn't know what my GBS status was. Wendy convinced me that it would be important to have that information even if I opted not to treat it because at least they would know. She said that they have had several clients who tested positive and then treated based on risk factors. Well, they always call back if there are any problems with the tests, so I am guessing that I tested negative. I have got to stop jumping to the worst conclusions. There are better ways to handle things, and I'm usually quite optimistic. For some reason during this pregnancy, I've decided that Murphy's Law will always pertain to me. So far, it hasn't. I want my optimism back!

Nancy came up this week for dinner. It was also TJ's birthday, so we went to our favorite Caribbean restaurant. Yum! I cannot believe how much I ate even with my space deprived tummy. We talked about things I am anticipating in labor and ways that I think would be effective to help me cope. It brought me somewhat into reality. As she left, Nancy said "Just think, the next time I come through this door, you will be in labor." Holy Smokes! It is really happening! We are having a baby . . . and soon!

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