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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 37
~ Midwife Home Visit

Karin in VancouverWow! We made it to the 37 week mark! Bean is now considered full term and can be born outside of the hospital! I'm very excited, but at the same time, I am so nervous! I never thought that I would make it this far.

We had our midwife home visit this week. Heather and Melissa came over to dinner to make sure they could find our home and to check on Bean and me. We are pretty good, and Bean cooperated with letting us hear him on the fetoscope! Of course TJ wanted to hear him on the Doppler too. My blood pressure wasn't cooperating, and that worried me a bit. For the first try, the bottom number was high. Then the second try showed a high top number. On the third try, it finally went down to an acceptable level. Heather figured it was because I was a little nervous having them in the house--after all, they were our first dinner guests! I was also crazy busy that day which could have contributed to elevated blood pressure. I cooked enough food to fill our freezer for almost a month! I wasn't thinking that there are a few weeks to go, so maybe I should have left some space! LOL Now I'll be going to the grocery store more often so that we don't have to eat spaghetti every night until we break into the freezer stash! I'm also wondering where I am going to store my popsicles for labor.

Much of the midwife visit was spent talking about transport to the hospital. All I can say is that I really hope I never need to revisit that conversation, but it is necessary to be prepared for anything. I am terrified of hospitals, absolutely frightened like you wouldn't believe. I am making sure that all my bases are covered, but if anyone can spare some stay at home vibes/no hospital prayers for us, we would really appreciate it! Heather ended the conversation by reinforcing how much they believe in home birth; what they really want to do is make sure we get the birth we want and then tuck us in to bed with our little miracle. That is exactly what I want!

While we were eating dinner, we got started talking about donuts. I brought up Polish donuts which I think you can only get in Western NY. They are so yummy! Well, what a small world this is! Melissa knew exactly what a Polish donut was . . . she grew up in the next town over from me, and she went to high school with my ex-boyfriend! I couldn't believe it! What are the chances? It was reassuring to me that someone from home will be at the birth too.

Karin at the AquariumTJ and I had our last weekend getaway as a couple. Next vacation, we will go as a family. It feels so bizarre to say that. We went up to Vancouver, BC for the weekend and had a great time. We went to the Aquarium, shopped, and ate a lot of great food. The hotel we stayed at had soaking tubs, so I took full advantage and had a couple of great baths. I thought that we were going to walk Bean right out because we did so much walking! Bean listened well and stayed put. Not only did we not want to get stuck away from home in labor, but Nancy was out of town too! I'm really anticipating that Bean will be a St. Patrick's Day baby--that is ok with me because I'm not ready. I love being pregnant more than I want him to be born right now. Crossing the border, security was really tight because there was a very serious drug bust the day before. They were opening most cars to check the cargo areas as well as sending lots of cars for a more thorough search. I must have looked like I really needed a break because we were sent through fairly quickly. What I really did need was a bathroom break after sitting in the line for an hour!

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