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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 39
~ We're Ready

Well, we didn't get any help from the full moon. Bean is still safe, secure and comfy on the inside. I am ready to meet him, but I will have to let him decide when he is ready to meet us.

I have some sad news for those of you to whom I owe an email. I got a virus in my mailbox that preceded a hard drive crash. Now I don't have any of the messages. Ugh! Please if you are writing to me, include something about my journal in the message title. Otherwise I cannot open the email. I'm so sorry!

I had an appointment with Wendy this week, and my blood pressure was back to normal. I am so relieved! TJ had suggested that I change the day of the week on which my appointment fell so that I wasn't going in the day after our childbirth classes since I could never manage a good night's sleep after class. He also came to the appointment with me. Maybe that helped? He is such a calming presence for me, so I wouldn't be surprised if just hearing his voice dropped my pressure. The rest of the appointment was "routine and boring" which is perfect! Bean is measuring right on and has a very strong heartbeat. I have been spending lots of time on my hands and knees trying to turn him more anterior (turn his back away from mine), and it seems to be paying off. He's almost in optimal position, so back to washing the floors I go until he goes just where we want him to be.

TJ has been so sweet. He talks to Bean for a good 30 minutes every day about how excited we are for him to come into the world . . . how we can't wait to find out if he is a boy or girl . . . how much we want to love, teach, nurture, and play with him . . . and how excited we are to take him to Disney World next year! I have the world's best husband! He is going to be a great papa!

This week I helped out a midwife friend of Heather's. Leslie (the friend) was in charge of finding several third trimester pregnant women to help teach Leopolds Maneuvers (determining the position of the baby with abdominal palpation) to the physicians assistant students at the University. I spent two hours letting about 15 people play with my belly. Most of the students had never felt a baby in utero before, so it was lots of fun to watch their faces when they figured out how Bean was laying or felt a foot. Bean seemed to enjoy the massage, but by the end of two hours, I was touched out. I had an appointment for a manicure and pedicure that same afternoon which was a big mistake. I was so sick of being touched that I didn't really enjoy it. Oh well, at least my nails look pretty! And I got paid to do it, which was nice. I would have done it for free.

I finished up my list of to-dos before Bean arrives. The last thing on the list was to get nursing bras, so I went to a place that Heather recommended way back in the beginning of my pregnancy when it seemed that my chest was going to go on a growth spurt. I didn't get much bigger (just filled out what I already had), so I didn't need any new bras. I know I'm going to grow when my milk comes in, and I wanted an expert to make sure I was wearing a properly fitting bra in order to avoid any problems. I got measured, came home with one new bra, and ordered another. This company sews everything to order; they just happened to have a return in my size. I am so excited! These bras don't even look like regular bras--and that is great if you are a bra hater like me! They are very soft cotton and are more like sports bras, only not quite as restrictive. Yay! I think I might even enjoy wearing them!

So Bean, we are ready for you anytime you choose to make your appearance!

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