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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 40 & 41
~ I'm SO ready!!!

Karin at 41 wks 3 daysI'm really starting to get grumpy. If one more person asks me when I am going to have this baby, I might do something drastic. My days revolve around fantasies of changing my answering machine message to the tune of "Oh sorry, we forgot to tell you we had that baby a few weeks ago" or walking around with a sign on my neck that reads "Is it obvious?" I haven't been able to get to the pool this week because I don't want to snap at the lovely ladies in the class. I know they mean well, but one would think that my baby is their grandchild by the way most of them were nagging me! I thought we were being smart by not telling anyone (except my mom) our actual due date. But lo and behold, on March 1 the phone started ringing. Next time, I am pushing the due date up by one month so that everyone will be surprised and think the baby came early!

At my 40 week appointment, I caved in and decided I would like an internal exam. I was really curious to find out if anything was happening since I was really crampy. I had planned on refusing internals until active labor, but I couldn't resist. Something was going on! Yahoo! I was already 2-3 centimeters dilated and almost completely effaced. Both Heather and Melissa checked my cervix and couldn't believe this was my first live birth. I was so ready. Heather stripped my membranes in hopes that maybe something would start. If Bean was going to come now, it should happen within the next 24 hours.

I was so excited! I started contracting on the way home! I called TJ and put Nancy on alert. I cleaned a little bit and decided to go walk around the grocery store. I must have been in the store for an hour. Unfortunately, nothing else happened but erratic contractions; I also made way too many impulse buys. Some of the contractions were intense but not enough to start labor. *sigh* I know he will come when he is ready. At least I can be consoled because I started loosing my mucous plug, which took several days. I also knew that those contractions would be helpful in the long run.

Around came my 41 week appointment. I really think I might be the first person to be pregnant forever. I was really getting discouraged. Wendy spoke with me about postdates testing to let me know what was coming if I didn't have this baby in the next few days. She also checked my cervix and found that I was a good 3 centimeters dilated. She stripped my membranes again, and said she would call me in 2 days to set up a non-stress test if Bean hadn't come. She also gave me a homeopathic remedy called Matrigin to try and get things underway.

Unfortunately, Bean didn't come by the 2 day deadline. Wendy called and had me come in that day for the non-stress test. This test is totally noninvasive. We got hooked up to the fetal monitor and watched Bean's heart rate. He had to have 2 periods of activity within 20 minutes. He wasn't cooperating. I'm sure he was sleeping because I ate a huge lunch about an hour before. I was hoping that would get him going. Wendy gave me a glass of very sugary soda to drink. Heather came in and talked to Bean for a bit; then she massaged him and he woke right up. The results of the test were perfect. I was ok to wait a few more days until the 42 week testing. I left the birth center and made an appointment for 42 weeks and one day that I really hoped I would not need.

That same evening, TJ and I decided to go out to dinner and get in some more walking. We thought maybe that would help. Nothing. We gave up, went home, and watched Survivor. Before bed, I took a bath and hoped it might relax me enough to get some sleep. As I got up out of the tub, I felt a trickle of water where I knew I had already dried off. When I stood up, the trickle stopped. When I bent over, it started again. I paged Wendy to let her know, and she said it might be a tear in the bag of waters, but it might just be urine. She told me to take a chux pad out of the birth kit, put it underneath me, and try to get some sleep. We would touch base in the morning. I laid down to sleep, turned over in bed, and GUSH! 11:15 pm on March 13, my waters had definitely broken!

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