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Karin's Pregnancy Journal

Week 9
~ Preggo Brain

Uh-oh. I had another preggo brain moment this week. I accidentally deleted all the emails I have received regarding my journal. I sat down to write out some replies and hit the wrong button. I have done this before with a different account, so you would think I had learned my lesson about too quick fingers. I am so sorry! I do want to thank each and every one of you for sharing your stories, tears, support, and well wishes. It is so wonderful to hear from people who feel the same way I do. I know I am not alone and that is quite comforting to me.

This week has been relatively quiet. I'm learning that no news really is good news! I still have the on and off nausea, which can be frightening when it's off, but I know that I'm coming to the place where my hormone levels are leveling out. I had some light cramping, but no bleeding or spotting. I figure it is just things stretching out--after all, there is a lot of growing to be done! I can't wait until I feel well enough to hop back in the pool. Right now the thought of all that water makes me queasy. I felt well enough on Saturday to run errands for a few hours. I was in dire need of a nap by the time we were done, but we managed to accomplish most things on the list.

I am really looking forward to my appetite coming back. Honeycomb cereal, matzo, applesauce, cottage cheese, pineapple, jello, sour gummies, and applesauce are getting old. Please give me some very spicy Mexican food (without the heartburn of course! lol)! Normally, I cook with a lot of spice and make things very hot. I can barely stomach the mere thought of that right now. And don't make me look at a raw chicken breast! One night, I made TJ cook his own chicken because I just couldn't even look at the raw meat without feeling icky. Funny, looking back, I realize that one of the first signs that I might be pregnant is when I could not eat my jerk chicken during the last week of my cycle. I adore jerk-seasoned food; but that night I could have sworn I was eating a salt lick!

Bean is no longer an embryo! He is officially a fetus! That is so exciting to me!

I have come to a funny realization. I know a lot about pregnancy and birth from my doula training, but when I try and apply that knowledge to myself, I feel like I know nothing. I am really overwhelmed when I sit down and read about changes that are happening especially when I realize this is happening to me! Bean is moving around this week . . . WOW! It is mind-boggling. I opened a box of cereal and happened to glance at the expiration date. May 2002. Oh my goodness, I will have a baby *knock wood* in my arms before that cereal goes bad! I am starting to have clear moments of excitement.

We are going to be moving in two weeks. Again. But where? We are still waiting for word from TJ's interview back East and hope that is where we are moving. He had an excellent interview and met with eleven people, including lunch with the president of the company! They originally told him he would meet with three people for about two hours. The interview lasted just over six hours. Poor TJ, he almost missed his return flight! Luckily, he arrived to the airport thirty minutes before departure. Hopefully the company is just fine-tuning the offer. Remember my ramblings about my noisy neighbors? I got very upset and wrote a very long, detailed letter to the district manager of the property company explaining how stressed I was because of the noise as well as furious because our carpet is filthy and they refuse to clean it properly. I demanded that they pay for us to move into a livable dwelling. Guess what? They are financing our move! If we do not get good news from back East, we will move into another local place that is just gorgeous--in an apartment with a view of the Cascade mountains! I am so excited and really happy that I don't have to lift a finger except to pack boxes and make arrangements for the utilities to be switched over. We also get a half-month of free rent! That money will come in handy when we start buying things for Bean. I'm nowhere close to that point yet, but it will be nice to have it tucked away.

One of the weekend errands was to buy the supplies to make our pregnancy announcements. The materials are still sitting on my desk because I can barely believe that we are so close to spilling the beans. I'm still afraid of jinxing something. Anyway, I am going to make picture frames with a silhouette of our expanded family against the cutest baby themed scrapbooking paper. On the outside of the frame I will write something like "Our Family: TJ, Karin, and baby due to arrive in March."

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