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Kasie's Pregnancy Journal

Birth Story
~ Unexpected!

Warren KlaytonI went to my ultrasound appointment on November 16. There wasn't a lot of fluid around the baby so my doctor scheduled an NST. Then I had to come back on Friday and have another ultrasound. The NST was great. I went back to the doctor on Friday, and my fluid was still low and the placenta was aged. I had two choices. I could either have him on Saturday or come back every other day for an ultrasound and NST, with the possibility that something could happen to him in the meantime. So I opted for the Saturday C-section. I had to go to the hospital for another NST. The whole time I'm trying to assimilate everything. Plus I'm talking to Wesley and trying to figure out everything that needed to be done. I still hadn't packed my bag and I had a few things that I needed to get ready for Warren Klay.

Warren KlaytonWhile I'm lying in the bed at the hospital Warren Klay's heart rate dropped twice. So the doctor on call comes in and says that we need to have him today. Not to mention that my platelets are too low to do a spinal. That meant I had to have general anesthesia. I was so worried about Warren Klay's lungs not being developed enough and the effect that the general anesthesia would have on him. The doctors did their best to reassure me, but a mother can't help but worry. Plus my doctor couldn't do the delivery. I'm in tears and praying for all I was worth, while being wheeled back to the operating room.

Kasie and WarrenThankfully all went well. Warren Klayton was born at 2:19pm on November 18, 2011 and was perfectly healthy. He weighed 7lbs 7ozs and was 19 and a half inches long. He has a head full of red hair and we're still trying to figure out where that came from.

The doctor told me that the placenta was very aged and my fluid had a bad smell. They think that maybe an infection was setting in. So even though I would have liked to waited it was better that he was born early.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed this as much as I have.

Thank you,

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