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Meet Kasie

I met my husband at Wal-mart. The statement that you can get anything at Wal-mart is just about right. We were married a year later. We had decided we wanted to be married for about a year before we had kids, so after a year we started trying. After two years I had just about given up. And listening to people tell us that it would happen when it was meant to didn't make it any better.

When I realized I was pregnant I was so excited. I wanted to be absolutely sure so I went to my family doctor to have a test. The test was positive. So the doctor checked my stomach to gage how far along I was. I knew that I was only about a month along. She ask if I was sure and said that it felt as if I was farther along than that. To make a long story short I had what they called a border line tumor on my right ovary. They couldn't tell if it was cancer, so I had to wait until my second trimester to have surgery to have it removed. I can tell you that the words cancer and pregnancy don't mix well for me.

At 12 weeks I had surgery. There was a 50% chance that our baby wasn't going to make it. But the Lord was with us and my baby and I came through the surgery with flying colors. Plus no cancer. So we sped through the rest of the pregnancy. I was a week overdue with Lillie and not even dilated.

The night before I was scheduled to be induced I went into labor. After 24 hours of labor and 45 minutes of pushing, no baby in sight. The vacuum hadn't worked, so that meant an emergency c-section. Finally at 8:32pm our daughter was born. Who would have figured that her head was going to get stuck? I guess when your head is a half a centimeter larger than your chest, you just won't fit between pelvic bones.

Now my our little girl is two. We wanted our babies close together so we started trying after a year. It's taken a year and a half to get this one. It amazes me that even though I'm only nine weeks that this pregnancy is so different than the first. I'm just looking forward to having a pregnancy with no complications and I can't wait to meet this new little person in our life.


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