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Week 13
~ Hormones and Headaches

What a weekend! Two services at church and then a family reunion on Memorial Day. I'm going to be so busy this week. Have to cook and clean. I love being able to do it though. I just can't imagine that my baby is going to be two.

The morning sickness is getting much better. Now it seems that my hormones have gone haywire. I was watching the Blind Side (great movie) and you know at the beginning when she says that Joe Thiesman will never play football again? I almost started bawling! I'm not much on crying so I know that has to be the hormones. It seems that the hormones also cause major headaches. I noticed that I was having some intense headaches and my blood pressure is fine. So I went online (to my doctor recommended website) and it says that in your second trimester when your hormones are changing, it can cause headaches. This is something else I never had with my first pregnancy. After the morning sickness I never felt better when I was pregnant with Lillie. Oh well it'll be worth it in the end.

Until next week!

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