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Week 15
~ Nothing Much

Well my week of relaxing didn't go as I had planned. I had forgotten about my coupon class I was taking last week and my husband and I took my mom and sister out to eat. It seems we're always busy in the summer. So I'm going to try relaxing this week. Although Saturday we're going to an amusement park. I'm not too worried since I can't really do anything. I'm going to miss doing the water rides. But those are definite no nos.

I've been walking twice this week to get some exercise. After slacking off of my dieting and exercise this past winter I am so feeling it. I gained back so much weight when I had Lillie that I am bound and determined to lose weight after this baby gets here. I think if I do some light exercising now I can have an easier time getting into shape afterwards. At least that is what I'm hoping for.

I believe my morning sickness is gone. I think I've hit the easier part of my pregnancy. I just can't wait until July. I have my first ultrasound. If the baby is cooperating then we'll find out what we're having. I'm getting more excited by the day. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I have already picked out my nursery themes that I like. I've been looking at things online. I know that as long as the baby is healthy I will be perfectly fine with whatever we have. I kind of feel bad wanting a boy so bad. I love having a girl and I wouldn't trader her for anything. Well that's all this week.

'Til next week,

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