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Kasie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ Third Trimester!!

Well another week down, 12 to go. Nothing too exciting this week, thank goodness. I'm glad to be two-thirds of the way through this pregnancy. Now if this next month could go by quickly. I don't want time to go by too quickly.

I still can't get my husband to help me with the nursery. I've decided to do it myself. When he sees me working on it, it'll get him motivated. It still needs to be cleaned out and painted. Then I can start getting everything cleaned and put away. I already have quite a few clothes thanks to some close friends. I love that I have people close to me are that generous. Babies go through clothes so quickly it still amazes me.

Warren Klay has been so active! I feel like a jungle gym. Lillie was never this active. She would stretch and move, but nowhere near as much as him. It feels as though he's running around in there from about 2 in the afternoon and all through the night. As I said before, I certainly hope this is not for telling the future and he's going to be a night owl!

Until next week,

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