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Week 30
~ Tired!

My energy level has bottomed out, right when there is a ton of stuff still to do. I guess I don't remember being this tired and have so much to do when I had Lillie. If only I could sleep. I sleep on the couch now just to get a couple hours of rest. I still only get maybe four hours of sleep at night. I've been trying to take naps in the afternoon while Lillie is sleeping, but it never fails, either she gets up early or someone calls. Then to add to everything I've gotten a cold. I'm quite ready for this to be over. Just eight more weeks.

My doctor's visit went well. My sugar was great, so was my blood pressure and I'm not anemic. The only problem is my palates are low. Right at 137 and my sister (she's a RN) tells me that it needs to be between 150 and 400. My doctor said I would have to be put under to have my C-section. This is not what I wanted to hear. I'm praying that they go up. I'm seriously thinking that this is the last one. I really don't know that I could go through another pregnancy with complications. My husband tells me I'm due an easy pregnancy. I don't know.

Until next week,

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