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Kasie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ One More Week Done

I haven't much to report this week. I'm still getting over this sinus infection and I've gotten a fever blister, which has my lip looking as if someone popped me one. My doctor's appointment is tomorrow and she'll be checking my platelets. I'm hoping that they have gone up. General anesthesia is not something I look forward to.

We've gotten the nursery just about done. Just need a few finishing touches. Wesley and I have decided to wait to get anything else until after my baby shower next weekend. We really don't need too much. I've already gotten so many clothes already I don't know where I'll put any more.

I don't know if Lillie understands the fact that there will be a baby in the house in a few weeks. She knows that all the stuff in the room is for a baby. We'll see how she takes to being a big sister.

Until next week,

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