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Kasie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 35
~ The "Real Countdown"

I have 27 days left till Warren Klay gets here and I'm getting nervous and excited all at once. I'm so ready to have him here in our lives, but I'm nervous about the C-section. Having an emergency C-section versus one you know you need to have is so different. With Lillie I didn't really have time to think about everything a C-section entails. With this one it's difficult not to think about everything that will be involved.

I found out that our hospital has finally started doing Kangaroo Care. I was so disappointed when I had Lillie and they weren't doing that. I'm excited about being able to bond with Warren Klay before anyone else is allowed in the room. Just Wesley and I will be allowed in there for an hour.

The nursery is about done. Just a few finishing touches. I have a couple of things to hang on the walls and some things that need to be cleaned. I've washed all the clothes that I've gotten and I've packed his diaper bag for the hospital. I just need to get my bag packed and ready. I think I'll do that this weekend. I like to be ready just in case of an emergency. (Like maybe he'll take mercy on me and come in about two weeks.)

Until Next Week,

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