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Kasie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 36
~ Another Week Down!

I guess I'm just in the waiting stage right now. Besides the basic pregnancy problems everything is going good. I'm getting more tired by the day. I would like to get over this cough that I've had for over a month. Since I can't take anything I just have to let it run its course. Yeah!

My doctor's appointment last week was good. My blood pressure is great. Warren Klay is measuring just right and my weight is good. She had to do the Beta Strep test, lots of fun. Since they had to do the test she went ahead and checked me. I've dilated one centimeter on the outside, but still closed up tight on the inside. Not a big deal since I'm having a C-section. It's just interesting. I didn't dilate at all with Lillie until a couple of days before I had her and that was only a centimeter.

My Mother has gotten the Moses basket done. She made new linens and a cover for it. I didn't want to purchase another one and I definitely didn't want to put him in a basket that was pink with white polka dots. I got my breast pump in the mail today. I'm hoping that this is better than the one I had with Lillie. This one has great reviews and is recommended by the lactation consultant at the hospital where I'll be having him. Just a few finishing touches left to his room and I'll be done. I've packed his bag and I need to pack mine. But otherwise I'm ready for this child to get here.

Until next week,

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