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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 10
~ The Appointment

Finally had my first appointment. It went pretty well. The new midwife made me giggle cause she's so . . . new. She finally just asked me what tests I wanted and didn't want etc because I was like finishing her sentences. I've lost 1/2 lb since the end of May.

Since it was my birthday I conned her into taking a peek at the baby with the ultrasound. Well, it was the first time she had ever used the ultrasound machine to see an early pregnancy. Also the machine they have there in the office is archaic, I mean it makes an Apple 2E computer look high tech. Combine these 2 factors and it made for an interesting experience.

She puts the probe on my belly and goes "ok, that's your bladder." I giggled cause it wasn't my bladder, it was the gestational sac with the baby inside. I gave her a minute to figure it out on her own and she did. There were a few tense moments when we could see the baby, but not the heart beating. I sat there and willed that little heart to show us it's stuff and to my relief it did. That little white flicker is always such a welcomed sight. We didn't get to see any details because it's just impossible with that machine, but a little heart beating was enough for me!

After that we took the kids to an arcade since it was my birthday and just had a really fun day complete with a huge Olive Garden meal, yummmm.

So then last night I get a phone call from my husband from work that goes something like this:

Him: Did the nurse get ahold of you?
Me: no, what nurse?
HIM: The nurse from the midwives
ME: NO! Why?
HIM: I don't know, she just said she was calling about your test results from yesterday (they have a no news is good news policy, if you don't hear from them everything is fine.)
Me: Did she say anything about it?
Him: No, check your phone though I gave her your cell number.

So I check my phone and sure enough there is a message "Hello Kathleen this is so and so from the midwives' office at the clinic, can you call me back before 4:30. I have a question for you."

It's 8:30pm on a FRIDAY! So now here I sit ALLLL weekend wondering what is wrong! I'm trying not to get worked up though because it's probably either that my iron is low again or maybe I have another UTI. If it was serious I would think they would have made sure I had someone to contact right away. Still stressful though.

Ok, so I'll wrap this up. Oh and they changed my due date to February 6th (they calculate things different than I do I guess) so I'll be sending in my updates on Tuesdays from now on. If I do it on the day I flip weeks it's easier to remember.

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