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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 11
~ Whew!

So if you remember from my last entry I had received a call from the nurse and then was left the weekend to worry about it. Turns out the UTI I've had since JANUARY is still lingering so it was to antibiotics for me! I'm relieved it was only that, but nervous about it at the same time because this UTI seems a bit med resistant! I had a serious kidney infection when I had my first child that ended up landing me in the hospital for a week on some pretty harsh IV antibiotics, I'd rather not repeat the experience!

Let's see what else. Summer is still just keeping me really busy. The kids are running this way or that all the time. It's been really really hot, near 100 degrees for the past few days and us Wisconsinites are NOT wired for that kind of weather! Today is nice though, 82 and it actually feels cool!

Any and all sickness left the building just as quickly as it came and I've been feeling pretty darn good, albeit still really tired. I can sleep 12 hours a night and be happy! I hope that lets up soon; my dear husband isn't quite impressed! I'm not showing or anything yet; I'm stuck in that part of pregnancy where you just worry all the time because you really don't feel pregnant! Can't feel the baby moving or anything even to set your mind at ease.

Anyway I'll wrap this up. I'm sure I've forgotten a bunch of things I wanted to say. I should start typing them out during the week and saving it so when I go to do the update I can just reference.

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