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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 12
~ Timeís a flyin!

Well, this week some would say ends my first trimester! However not in my book since if you divide 40 by 3 you get 13.33333333333333 so technically the second trimester doesnít start until 13 weeks 4ish days but hey, whoís being THAT picky right?

Not much to really report. The meds I got for my UTI worked wonderfully until I finished taking them, again. So now we are going to have to think of a plan B. Iíve had this UTI since January, itís getting ridiculous!

This is actually the part of pregnancy I hate. The point when the morning sickness, tiredness, etc of the first weeks subsides but you canít yet feel the little wiggles. It leaves me always unsure if the baby is OK in there. If this is anything like Alex, I should start to feel some wiggles in about 3 weeks though I hope!

So Iím feeling pretty good. Iím glad the fatigue is finally letting up, that gets really old after a while. Iím sleeping really well at night, unusual for me the chronic insomniac but Iím not complaining!

Iím off to see the chiropractor for the first time this pregnancy this afternoon. My neck, spine, hips, everything are such a mess from this yearís physical and emotional trauma that I canít wait to get adjusted and feel like a real person again.

This week has been a tough one in regards to missing Alex and I canít quite pinpoint why. Maybe because one of the children whoís caringbridge journal I follow passed away this past weekend and itís bringing up those WHY questions again.

Shaylinís 6th birthday is Thursday. I canít wait. Sheís getting a new princess bike with a cool princess helmet which sheís been asking for forever. Sheís going to be soooo elated!

That's all I can think of at the moment so I'll stop boring you with my boring week!

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