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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 14
~ Down with the Sickness

So a little foreward, in 1993 after the birth of my first child I got a nasty kidney infection that turned ugly in a hurry. I was in the hospital in pretty serious condition for a week on IV antibiotics that were so harsh they had to change the site after every dose lest they burn through my veins.

Fast forward. A few days ago I started feeling really really sick. I've been battling a UTI I can't seem to kick since January and I knew it had come back but I was trying to hold off until my midwife appointment (tomorrow) to get it fixed; I procrastinate like that.

Well the sickness progressed on Sunday and I finally decided I needed help. I went to the local ER and they kept me there for 4 hours. My blood pressure was all over the place prompting them to run labs on me for Sepsis. They diagnosed me with a kidney infection and since my blood looked reassuring they let me go home but said I was walking that fine line and could go into the hospital at any time.

I began taking the medication that night and by yesterday afternoon I was feeling worse combined with now some cramping and losing my mucous plug. So I went to the ER, this time the one that is in the hospital I will deliver at, figuring I would be admitted and wanting to be closer to my midwives and access to more options than the local bandaid station can provide. Well, I was made to feel pretty stupid to say the least. Here I have this kidney infection, a fever, my pulse was 111, my cervix is softening. We did get to hear the heartbeat, a loud and clear 156. The doctor was really rude, refusing to call my midwife, insisting on a pelvic exam which was dumb if I'm having cervical irritation. I left there feeling really stupid and still very sick. I left questioning my own judgement on my health.

I see my midwife tomorrow and am going to get this resolved. Please say a prayer if you've got one that the baby is ok and I don't get any sicker.

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