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Kat's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Week 15
~ Or Is it 16?

So I went to my midwife appointment on Wednesday morning and she was absolutely FLABBERGASTED that they did not admit me last week. Since I was feeling quite a bit better by then she decided to take my word for it and not admit me herself then and there.

So she feels my tummy and says it feels big for dates. Did an ultrasound and baby is measuring almost week ahead of my dates. Interesting. At least there was only one! I am stuck on antibiotics now for the rest of my pregnancy because I guess it's 3 strikes you're out with UTIs; it's not going to get any better, she says. Oh well, at least I can be pretty sure I won't get that sick again! She tells me she is going to call down to the major hospital 2 hours south and talk to the cardiologist and others about when to schedule the level 2 ultrasound; we both agreed it would probably be a while yet.

Friday I got a phone call from the nurse saying they want to schedule it at 16 weeks, so this coming week! I haven't heard back when it will be for sure yet but OMGOODNESS, can we say freaking out?!

After I hung up with her I looked at the calender and by my normal EDD I turn 15 weeks today (Sunday) but she was saying i'm 16 weeks soooooooo I'm wondering if they didn't decide to change my due date . . . it would be January 29th, the day after Alex's birthday, oy. So I may either be 15 or almost 16 weeks who knows. Hopefully my next entry will be to tell you all that we have a perfect baby with a healthy heart!

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